avatarGroundhog Day is February 2 and you know what that means? The Groundhog Day movie marathon! 24 hours of Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. yay! This, of course, leads me to wonder if I was in the same situation, what shoes would I wish I had put on the morning before to wear for the rest of my life (the same day over and over… remember)? I do love heels, but for the rest of my life… well, I’m thinking sneakers with a bouncy rubber sole. 

As always, I’ve got some good picks for you below (I’m sure you’ll notice from the red-ish colors that I was also thinking about another special February event when I selected these sneakers!).

Coach Mable keds champion slip on
Dolce & Gabbana nike blazer mid shearling

Left to Right: Coach Mable lace up sneakers, Keds Champion S/O plaid slip ons, Dolce & Gabanna IC5AJL suede trainers, and Nike Blazer Mid Shearling high tops (lined with shearling! Good-bye Uggs!).