avatarHave you heard there’ll be a lunar eclipse Wednesday night? I’m super excited. But finding the right spot on your city sidewalk (or backyard) can involve a lot of looking up while walking… which means unexpected surprises to step in (puddles, gum, mud, doggy droppings, etc) – don’t deny that it’s never happened to you even when you were looking where you were going.

 So that leads us to rugged boots which are not always so cutting-edge high fashion, but are definitely a necessity in every girls’s closet for just such random occasions (and crazy bad weather too, of course). As much as it pained me to buy them (I really prefer strictly useless, unwalkable shoes), my (lovingly) ugly boots have totally saved me more than once. All most people will see is the toe peeking out from under your pants anyway. Plus, if they’re the right price and you do the type of damage where no amount of cleaning will ever get the boots to perfect again, you won’t flinch too much just tossing them (guilty! don’t tell anyone else). Check out these options all under $40:

sporto derby polo sport hewlett winter
Sporto Jupiter patent winter easy spirit affix winter

Left to Right: Sporto white faux fur Derby boots, Polo Sport bright green Hewlett rubber boots, Sporto black glossy Jupiter boots, Easy Spirit black trompe l’oeil style Affix.