When planning a wedding, brides usually decide to hold a bouquet or corsage when walking down the aisle so, of course, they must then decide which flowers will be in it (the groom’s boutonnière applies here too if you’re a hubby-to-be!). Some people choose flowers because they have a specific personal meaning or were always a favorite, but I think the most common deciding factor is whether it’s the right color to go with the invites, decor, bridesmaid’s dresses, etc. You can also consider whether the flower is in season (if you’re trying to save a little money), how fragrant it is or the aura it projects: roses are generally viewed as classic and warm, calla lilies as refined, carnations as cheery and carefree, and so on.

Considering how so much work goes into choosing just a few flowers that you’ll hold for maybe an hour or so tops (and most people throw them to someone else later on), I think you should get a little more out of all that decision making. How about knocking off your shoe deliberations at the same time? Once you know what’ll be in your fabulous bouquet, try turning your flowers into shoes. No silly, this doesn’t require Cinderella’s fairy godmother or glue… check out what I mean below!

calla lilies calvin klein

Calla Lilies – All the flower retailers I found (who I assume would know best) say that these flowers are associated with beauty. Because of their long, thick stems and slightly opened single petal, the best shoes to match these clean, streamlined flowers are simple, monochromatic heels with maybe just one classy detail (you’d probably want to stay away from sparkly accents unless they’re super minimal). It’s hard to see in the picture (click it for a bigger image) but these Calvin Klein satin pumps have a beautiful mother of pearl mosaic heel.

sunflowers Steve Madden

Sunflowers– Named because they resemble the rays of the sun (no, I’m not just saying that because of the word SUN. The botanical name is Helianthus: helio is Greek for sun and anthos meaning flower). So if you choose a bouquet of these bright yellow mood-lifters, it’s probably because you want your wedding to be more upbeat than solemn, more informal than black-tie (and not just because you want to have a ready snack on hand in case the aisle is really long). So I’d match sunflowers with tall espadrilles like these by Steve Madden. The pale gold satin and long ribbons to wrap around your ankle lend an easy elegance while the woven wedge heel is both Summer-y and comfortable. I think these espadrilles may feel a little more wedding-appropriate too because the color of the heel and the fabric are so similar so watch out for harsh contrasts if you go for this style (for example, the look would be completely different with these shoes if the platform heel was dyed black).

style and co twinkle

Orchids- Generally associated with love and fertility, orchids come in a variety of sizes, shapes (some with pointed petals, some more rounded) and soft colors. They were also flowers cultivated and collected only by the wealthy in the Victorian era. Orchids, therefore, add a sophisticated, upscale flare to weddings, especially when they’re in a rich color like this purple variety. That’s why it’s great to pair them with gold hued shoes with white diamond-y decorations; other insignias of riches and opulence, darling. P.S. If you’re having a beach wedding, these flowers are also great because they are commonly used in Hawaiian leis.

Tulips JLo Patrice

Tulips– Both the flower and its name originated in the Ottoman Empire, not Holland as commonly believed. The great thing about tulips is that they come in almost every color but are more special than carnations (which also appear in many colors… and in many grocery store get-well-soon bunches). There are also a ton of meanings for different tulip colors: the red ones I chose above usually signify a declaration of love or sincerity (how much more wedding perfect can you get?), yellow for cheerful thoughts or sunshine, variegated tulips for beautiful eyes, and tulips in general represent a perfect love. I think paring such a love-filled flower with pink toned heels is definitely the way to go. These metallic cage-toe heels by J Lo by Jennifer Lopez have just the right amount of shine and height to add some glamour to your wedding ensemble.

Marc Jacobs for Waterford Guess Olivia 2
Audrey Hepburn

Completely Unique– Yes, those are Waterford crystal flowers (designed by Marc Jacobs). As long as you’re okay with not tossing your bouquet at the reception(!), this could be the addition that no one will forget. Because more than one of these flowers held tightly together might cause some breakage, I’m picturing a single stem with a colored ribbon wound around the stem and trailing. Together with these Guess t-strap heels, the look is just edgy enough without going overboard. At first glance, the shoes are in a perfect-for-evening metallic pewter color, but close-up they almost look to me like they are covered in fishnet stockings. And I cannot pass up sharing the most perfect dress to go with these, the picture above is Audrey Hepburn, but imagine the dress in pure white (I’m about to change all my wedding plans right now).