avatarSt. Patrick’s day is coming up on Monday, so in celebration (or early preparation), I have selected the best green shoes around. Nobody wants to get pinched, right? (Of course, if you do want to get pinched by someone in particular, it’s pretty easy to slip off your shoes under your desk to declare yourself vulnerable or protected at your whim – definitely easier than with a green t-shirt).  It’s also particularly handy that a major spring trend right now involves super bright colors.  So if you haven’t the slightest desire to wear green for the holiday, do it for fashion!

If you live in an area where March already means Spring and warm weather (I and my fellow New Yorkers envy you) or if you can just run from your car into your nice, heated office building, try out these sandals by Kors by Michael Kors and BC Footwear. The shoes also both have some strappiness to evoke a bit of gladiator trendiness without being obvious.

michael kors pistols BC footwear eclipse

For the rest of us further from the equator, I suggest these excellent closed-toe rubber flats by Sigerson Morrison (April showers are often preceded by March showers but not as rhyme-y) and slightly warmer boots by 80%20 (hidden 3″ wedge!).

sigerson morrison 5555 80%20 winnie boot

P.S. Happy Pi Day!