avatarPerhaps you’re aware already that Carlos Santana lent his name to a line of pretty rockin’ women’s shoes. What you may not know is that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their shoes is donated to the Milagro Foundation (milagro is spanish for miracle) which was founded in part by the guitar legend himself. Milagro has been providing grants since 1998 to organizations around the world who work with at-risk, underrepresented and disadvantaged children in the arts, education and health. Not a bad excuse to buy some shoes!

I love the mirrored heel on the black sandals below and the asymmetrical rhinestone swoosh down the front (I admit I bought myself a pair in the champagne color… but it was for charity!!). And the dark teal platforms are trendy-tastic with a sexy snake embossed trim (skins are in for spring, but save the endangered slithery guys and go faux! Random FYI- If you’re in California it’s actually illegal to have python anything shipped to you). I love these shoes in the black and gray color too, but I really had to post the blue picture to give you a good example of the brand as a whole; bold, unexpected color is key to the Carlos Santana style. Last, have you ever seen anything like these metallic red wedges? I am completely digging the half d’orsay sides.

Carlos Santana Idol Carlos Santana Launch Carlos Santana Brash Rosso

Another key player for good causes is Kenneth Cole. He uses advertising for his huge brand of clothing, shoes, handbags, etc., as an opportunity to say something useful and important, not solely for sales (although it works on me). In his book, Footnotes (a portion of the sales of which also go to benefit AIDS research) he says, “Advertising, I believe, is an opportunity to introduce your point of view… With humor I try to fuse, for example, global concerns with fashion realities, without trivializing either, and without being confrontational.” In addition to AIDS research, they also support groups like: Help USA, The Sundance Institute, Rock The Vote and Riverkeeper (determined to protect the Hudson River and watershed of NYC!).

With a resume like that, you know you can feel good about purchasing Kenneth Cole shoes (doesn’t hurt that they also feel good on your feet!). My picks are these strappy leather boheme wooden heels (imagine with a long, billowy dress), a pair of lime green, snake embossed pumps (with anything! – ok, how about with some of those light colored wide leg jeans?) and I could not resist putting this last pair of black ankle-wrap sandals in for some serious I-wanna-dress-like-the-Olsens gladiator love. Just try not to wear them to Easter dinner with your family – grandma might faint ( love you g-mom).

Kenneth Cole Plat It Off Kenneth Cole Round Up Kenneth Cole Twisted