avatar If the New Kids on the Block can get back together, anything is possible. But since I’ve also noticed some influences from the 1980s in runway collections already (neon colors! even some shoulder pads!), it seems even more likely…  Could the fashionable masses take a giant step backwards in time and go seriously 80s? Well, better safe than sorry.  Just like you should have a few gallons of water in your house and band-aids just in case, here’s what you should stash in your closet in case of a world gone crazy. And don’t worry, with my picks, you can wear them now and even years in the future without hating yourself later (let’s not talk about that side ponytail thing I did once upon a time ).

Even if you weren’t alive in the 80s, I’m sure you know that legwarmers were big (I think they’re still around some even now). Well, the younger of us paired them with sneakers, but the stylish teenagers matched them with some thin-heeled pumps, also a throwback to the dress-to-climb-the-corporate ladder/power suit era for women. I like the basic black leather pair below by Guess which would blend equally well with tailored pants today as they would with a poofy-sleeved prom dress back in the day.  And on that strain, do you remember the Guess brand itself? The jeans, the tops, the shoes, the purses – they were all huge in the 80s and Guess is still around. So, because in addition to neon (love those Lacoste sneakers), checkerboard patterned prints were uber popular during the decade, I’ve added a second pair of Guess heels- this time platforms for some “now” power and black and white checks for the vintage quality.

Last, who could forget Michael Jackson and his plethora of sparkle (the single glove, most famously). So for instant 80s, it’s easy to take a cue from The King of Pop and pour some glitter on your shoes. I am diggin’ these red Marc by Marc Jacobs  jellies (below right). Just match them with a red leather jacket and you’re ready to have a dance-off with some zombies (YouTube the Thriller video if you didn’t laugh; I’m not saying it’ll make me funnier but at least you’ll be entertained).  See, I told you I was going to make the 80s less scary! – and yet your feet would totally blend in if you warped back there in a time machine. Now pull out some of those old John Cusack movies and a little Bill & Ted for the weekend…  if it does mature into a full-blown trend, maybe it wouldn’t be so “bogus” after all.

Guess Kinsey Lacoste Mystere
Guess Jolie Marc by Marc

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