Happy day after tax day! (phew)

Not getting as much back as you hoped? And what’s that you say? You also have a wedding to go to fairly soon (your own and/or someone else’s)!? Well, (to quote Flight of the Conchords) I’m not surprised.  June is the number one month for weddings in the US. If you were planning on using part of your tax return towards your outfit, you may be interested to note that the average cost of a wedding dress is between $400 and $1000 and wedding shoes usually put a girl back $100-$300 whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid! Don’t stress though, I can at least help you with the shoe part! My picks below are all under $40 but will dress your feet like a million bucks.

First, on the right, I’ve picked these Tribeca by Kenneth Cole metallic pewter wedges. Nothing says party like a metallic color! And although the wedge isn’t solid, the portion of it hitting the floor is wide enough to give you lots of dancing stability. Next, the ivory fabric Style & Co heels have a bit of gladiator stylin’ to keep them current and all that detail will convince everyone that you spent way more on them than you did (they come in other fun, bright colors too).

The Rampage black t-straps have some not-at-all-flashy tonal beading and the cherry blossom print on the insoles is to die for (I’d definitely be taking the shoes off to show people… well, early in the night. Wouldn’t that be cute if your invites had that print on them?). Last, the gray satin Nine West shoes on the right are elegant enough from the front, but the best part (you’ll have to click to see the other images) are the rhinestones running down the center of the back of the heel. It’s like a flirty wink to the people you pass.

Tribeca Kenneth Cole First Dance Style & Co Stacey
Rampage Camilla Nine West Bakana