avatarHow many of you style diva’s have ever had this happen to you? You wake up to a bright and sunny morning. Your local weather person tells you that today will be the warmest day of the season to date and your mind starts racing; “Oh my goodness, I’ve been waiting for a day just like this to wear xyz outfit with those 3 1/2 inch sandals that I’ve been saving since  winter! (I couldn’t pass them up, 90% off retail, I will use them I swear!!)
Central Park New York

 I know I’ve never worn them before and I know that I should probably break them in before attempting to leave my 3 floor walk-up, and running down the block to catch my bus (almost missed it b/c I remembered that I DO have the perfect bag to go with this ensemble, and had to switch out from my everyday messenger).

Made it into the city on time (maybe these sandals weren’t the best idea today, my toes are tingling).  Ok, If I can make it to work I can take them off under my desk for a while (pinky toes are going numb now).  Whose bright idea was it to don these almost too cute for words heels on a Wednesday when I know it’s the busiest day of my week, with corporate meetings, client lunches, and drinks after work with the girls?! MY FEET HURT!! I am swearing off heels for… Ok ladies, it’s time to stop now.

Please spare your pretty manicured toes from that part of your day when you know you’ll be pounding pavement. Lucky for us, we can strut your stuff in some very acceptable canvas sneakers. which by the way are said to be an item of ‘mass appeal’ in Nylon magazine’s, May issue pg 52.

Here are a few trendy versions. Take ’em along with you as a spare instead of the ugly old flip flops you’ve had in your desk drawer for the last year and a half.  Your feet will be nothing but thankful.

Keds Distress Kitson Heart Ache
Converse All Star Keds Chatham