Some shoe news-y tidbits just for you. Have a great memorial day weekend!

Fergie, formerly of the Black Eyed Peas, is teaming with Brown Shoe Co. for her own shoe line coming Spring ’09. In the press release, she says “A woman can wear confidence on her feet with a high stiletto, or slip into weekend comfort with a soft ballet flat,” but judging from the handbags born of her collaboration with Kipling, I’m predicting casual beachy styles (bright colors, canvas) with some rock star inspired styles (patent leather, black, red, hot pink, studs, charms, crystals). But we’ll have to see, samples are going to be displayed at the FFA’s New York trade shows; maybe she’ll wow everyone Gwen Stefani style. Other predictions, anyone?

CasadeiThe New York Times wrote an intersting article yesterday regarding the brand Foley & Corinna as the face of the fashion copying / copyrighting debate. You may be aware of the infamous Forever 21 dress that was almost an exact replica of a much more expensive original by Foley & Corinna. As I’m sure you’ve seen (and maybe even searched for) near-replicas of runway shoes you love (but maybe cannot afford), watching how this plays out will definitely be of interest and may have a huge impact on the more affordable fashion retailers and who knows who else. Read the NY Times article here

Le Coq Sportif relauched in the US 3 months ago from their first attempt in 2005, and has just announced that they are closing up yet again to focus on the more stable European market. If you’ve never heard of the brand, trust me that this is sad news. I had a love affair with a pair of their chocolate brown sneakers with a light blue rooster logo and matching light blue stitching: They had super flat, almost non-existant soles, like ballet slippers, but they were still sturdy enough that I didn’t feel every sidewalk crack I stepped on. And they had the softest leather I’ve ever felt in a sneaker. The majority of retailers are already sold out and most of the shoes you can find end up being mens (Father’s Day is coming up!), but there are a few for women left on the internet. And there’s always ever-changing eBay.

Beatrix Ong, a former designer for Jimmy Choo, has decided to start her own line of luxury shoes led more by Ong’s travels than by trends. So if you’re looking for a unique pointy-toe stiletto, you probably won’t find a better version than hers. But the best part is, she also supports more than 15 charities.

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