avatarTime flies when your having fun, right? It is almost time for fireworks, people! Can you believe it? Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten my plans settled yet either. But more than finding the perfect location for a picnic that progresses into a clear view of the sky, I’m thinking about the perfect shoes for the occasion.

These patriotic selections will only be overly so if you decide to wear a star spangled bikini, so choose your favorite without fear. I love subtle sailor-y styles for the summer and these striped patent wedges by Michael by Michael Kors are gorgeous! Wear them with any color mini skirt, a white tank top and a wide straw hat for the freshest, I don’t-care-what-I-wear-I-just-accidentally-look-like-a-supermodel look. The patent red Steven heels are great for the girls who maybe aren’t leaving the house til the sun starts going down and plan on staying out late. If it gets cooler towards evening where you are, pair these with some skinny black jeans or black zippered leggings (maybe a fitted black tee and some long, thin necklaces for that retro 90s grunge feel all over July’s Elle magazine?).

Last, these booties by Dolce Vita are the perfect shape to wear right into fall but the white color is bright enough to fit right in with sunny skies. A navy pleated schoolgirl skirt might be over the top for anyone but those deep in Japan’s anime culture, but some polished jean shorts or bermudas (with a gold striped tank top?) would work on anyone.

Michael by Michael Kors Seaside Open Toe J Lo by Jennifer Lopez Lace Dolce Vita Beatrice

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