Interesting news from the shoe world to fill your 4th of July weekend. Be safe with your fireworks (if they’re legal in your state), be safe with your skin (meaning sunscreen!) and be safe with your shoes (securely fastened to your feet if you’re going on a roller-coaster or that they don’t mind water if you’ll be at the beach).

Chinese Laundry Vegas With offices stationed in Southern California for more than 30 years, Chinese Laundry recently announced that its first boutique ever will stay in the area. The store will sell Chinese Laundry footwear, bags, denim, belts, hosiery and sunglasses. With the brand having been around for so long, at first I couldn’t believe they’d never had a store. Chinese Laundry has long been a solution to the no cash but need a pair of heels right now rut I come upon fairly often. I actually had to trace sidewalk paths in my mind around the cities I’d lived in before I could really convince myself I’d never seen a store of their own! Give the brand some love!

Marc Jacobs Fab Glitter flats The Louis Vuitton Group (LVMH) recently won a huge lawsuit against eBay. A court in France found eBay fully responsible for letting people sell counterfeit Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior goods on eBay.com as well for allowing the sale of 4 specific perfume brands (Kenzo, Guerlain, Givenchy and Christain Dior) which can be sold only by authorized distributors.

The actual terms of guilt from the ruling were “gross misconduct and detrimental breach.” And the court completely threw out eBay’s claim that their website users are themselves responsible for engaging in illegal activities such as (obviously) buying or selling counterfeit goods. Ebay has been told they must pay about $63 million in damages but do plan to appeal – partially because such a ruling is “anti-competitive” (per an eBay press release) and would hurt small businesses everywhere.

What if, like the perfumes in this case, other luxury items (shoes!!, handbags, sunglasses) begin to be restricted as well and brands start to withhold the sale of those items from everyone but a very select few authorized people? Can you imagine a world where you can only buy your Marc Jacobs shoes straight from the Marc Jacobs store? Good-bye super sale prices. I don’t support knock-offs, but I hope eBay wins their appeal at least partially. It seems too broad a ruling to be of any good to consumers.

My Calvin Klein HeelsLast but not least, I got married about 2 weeks ago (honeymoon last week and time off for planning/organizing before that – sorry for going missing for a while!). Anyway, these are the Calvin Klein heels I finally decided on and wore (thanks to Justin Tinapay for his excellent photos!):
My Calvin Klein Heels
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