avatarMaybe you’ve seen them in the runway coverage, but I’m pretty sure it has not been announced as a trend by any major publication yet (correct me if I’m wrong, I’d love to congratulate them)… ready? (don’t peak at the pictures!!) boots with exaggerated “cuffs” that fold to the floor. Here’s the proof and the progression of the trend:

The first instance I noticed this boot style was when Tara Subkoff did her collection of shoes for Easy Spirit. She did these 3.5″-ish Elease wedge boots in leather and another version in suede (I was lucky enough to get the latter – soo comfy!). I’m pretty sure no retail store still has these for sale (they were new around 2005/06, I think) so I recommend doing whatever you can to get your hands on a pair if you ever see them at a flea market or thrift store. The cuff on the suede pair skims the floor and pools over the toes but I don’t know if that’s how they were intended to be folded or if it’s just because suede is less stiff than leather.

These Tara Subkoff boots remind me of a pair of Hidden Wedge Boots by 80%20. I wonder if the hidden wedge is the true pre-cursor to the long cuff idea: it seems to be all about hiding the heel in one way or another.

Second is an example available right now. These gorgeous boots are from Botkier’s fall collection (and Botkier, speaking of, has a collaboration line of bags for July/August with Target – I love her!). The long-cuffed Xenia boots (below) take the silhouette away from plain easy design with pencil skirt-like pleats at the back over the heel (not to mention that hot flash of fuchsia).

And last in this proving it to you session, we have boots from Givenchy’s recent Couture show which should be in stores soon (or by special order only, of course). Showing on the runway was a cowboy boot style (the dipped design at the top of the boot shaft) as well as a soft ombre stripe version, both below.

Awesome, right? Here’s some final advice though if you’re already ready to pull out that credit card: The simple fold, straight hem version of this style will be easier for other brands to make/knock-off. So, if you want the boots you’re most likely to NOT see on everyone else’s feet, look for details like the cowboy shaft or back pleats you saw above. I’ll keep you posted if I see any other cool versions.

Or, if you want to get a pair of these boots for less, just wait a bit and I’m sure you’ll see a similar styles all over the mall. If you’re crafty, you may even be able to use this idea to transform an old pair of boots you have into something that looks brand new – try sewing matching material to boots that already have a small cuff for the easiest way to elongate it.

UPDATE 9/14 – I just spotted these new boots by Theory at Neiman Marcus:

UPDATE 6/04/2009 – I love updates. Here’s a Givenchy example from the sale rack at eLuxury.com. They were $1,575 and now (only) $1,102.50.

Givenchy leather covered heel boots