avatar Just some neat tidbits to keep you up to date in the shoe world. And after a relatively cold spell in New York City this week, I thought I’d try to remind everyone that it is still August with some beachy (and numeric!) footprints.  Enjoy!


After a fun collaboration with Eleanor Grosch which featured her cute animal prints and another with Nanette Leporewhich dressed up their basic flat sneakers, Keds is now joining forces with Zazzle.com to announce Keds Studio. This means that you’ll now be able to do what those designers did: take a plain classic lace-up or slip-on style and make it totally your own!

Now there are other footwear companies that currently have online customization programs; off the top of my head I can think of converse.com and timberland.com. However, the new Keds Studio goes a step further and will also allow you to upload your own graphics, text and art (as well as pre-created options, of course). We’re talking about the potential for absolutely, one of a kind shoes! So awesome. Wait, more? Now let’s say your shoes rock everyone’s socks and people are falling off sidewalks begging to know where they can get a pair… Keds Studio will also allow you to sell your design on their site and you get to name the price! Any difference between the actual cost and your price goes to you!! (I know there are a lot of exclamations in this paragraph, but honestly, I love it). Maybe I’m the only one that thinks about it this early, but Christmas presents? right?

** If you make a pair of your own, please post a link to your shoe gallery in your comment. I’d love to see how creative you are. I’ll post a picture of my shoes as soon as I make them.


I just heard about these great new shoes called The After Party Shoe. Unlike what you may have been squishing into your handbag when you know you’re not going to want walk home in those heels, these shoes fold in half and slip into a cute little carrying pouch to keep the dirt, etc out of your bag! (I have ruined the white interior of a gorgeous handbag because of carrying my shoes inside – note: if you’re ever making a handbag, ix-nay on the white interior-ay). Or, if you’ve actually been wearing those heels all night… you don’t know what you’re missing! I have not tried these on yet, but they come in a ton of cute styles that you might just want to wear all the time.

After Party Gold After Party Black Sandal After Party Purple