UPDATE 11/5 – Check out this post by InStyle Magazine’s National Correspondent – Style Spy on the same Marc Jacobs mouse shoe collection I wrote about below – plus get a peek at the designer’s latest amazing version as part of a limited edition collaboration with KAWS – very limited, only 200 pairs! (and no, Style Spy and I are not related )

I have another fabulous new trend to bring to your attention!  I’m not sure exactly what to call them; maybe trompe l’oeil (french for “trick of the eye”) shoes or character shoes, but I love the ingenuity of design and the playfulness of this style.

You could probably guess that the designer front and center of this trend is the always imaginative and whimsical Marc Jacobs. His shoe collections over the past few years have featured ballet flats with varying little mouse faces! As shown in all their cuteness below, first he started with applique ears and whiskers, then did a version with the same features but this time just drawn onto the shoe. Currently, the master Marc is using a more subtle characterization in heels (a bow? no, wait. ears!) and another in flats (I think these flats would be better, though, if the bow was more whisker-like, the style is a little too subtle for me).

But Marc Jacobs is not the only designer making shoes on this theme, and I don’t mean copycat imitations either. BC Footwear, for example, decided to make bunnies! (…) Although it would have been easy to make the same flats above and just change the animal, these bunny wedges are more situational comedy than straight fun design: fuzzy bedtime slippers being worn for everyday.  I love the idea (and the ears are posable’s the little things).

Next we have Camper, who has an entire collection of shoes where the unifying concept is just that the left shoe is not identical to the right. For instance, one of these d’orsay flat shoes (below) is nothing out of the ordinary by itself, but when you put the left and right shoes together, sunglasses appear! (I actually have a pair of these rockin’ shoes that I got from SoleStruck! They have the best selection of Camper shoes that I’ve seen online – better than Zappos and Piperlime both!).

Finally, I should mention the shoes that perhaps unintentionally fall into this category, but deserve no less glory for it. Take, for instance, these Carlos by Carlos Santana heelsthat look like they have butterflies on the toes. And maybe I’m out of the loop but Crocs really do look like smiling crocodile mouths, right? Last, I had to post these adorable Nine West flats. Draw your own conclusions!

Let me know if you find more examples, I’d love to see your discoveries!