Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day, 2008!! I mean, Ahoy! … argg… sorry, I’m bad at this, (mateys?).  But I am good at shoes! So, in a this-will-be-completely-irrelevant-tomorrow sort of way, here are some pirate inspired boots! Yay! If you can’t talk the talk, well, at least you can walk the walk.

These thigh high Anne Klein boots are total swashbuckler pirate princess! (these too)

And, I’m sure there were pirate ships sailing in Arctic waters at some point, right? Or, at the very least, they were out in the winter time at some point. And any stylish pirate worth her saltwater would definitely be wearing these fur trimmed beauties by Nine West:

However, you’d probably want to make sure you footwear would help keep you a bit more steady on your feet, what with the boat rocking and all, so these Michael Kors mini wedge boots might be just the ticket. I love the whip-stitch detail down the back too, almost like they were handcrafted by a local tradesman at one of your ship’s docks… (am I taking this too far now?  )

Ok, just one more. Christian Louboutin Over-the-Knee Boots, yep, a little bit pirate.