avatarEveryone and I mean everyone (fashion magazines, celebrities, department stores, blogs, etc) has been talking about shoes & boots with fringe* (P.S. handbags too) in kind of an obsessive way. 

As any hippie Halloween costume wearer knows, fringe had been around for a while. Even back in the 1920s, many flapper dresses were dripping in fringe. So there must be some appeal for this trend to keep recurring in apparel, but I don’t know, I’m just not crazy about it, at least on footwear anyway.

But if you’re all for it, let me know your thoughts. And for you, I’ve chosen two of the least offensive boot styles below that I’ve seen recently and I’ll tell you why…

First above me are these tan boots by Material Prima. I like that they are only subtly a moccasin style with the stitching around the toe box not super pronounced. If you wore them under long pants, they’d look like a basic loafer. And, I like that the tassels are a little stiff. Maybe I have a default dislike of fringe just because I can’t help thinking about it flying around as I walk, hitting against my legs, other people, small animals, etc…  these boots would solve that problem and still incorporate the trend. (I admit I’m a fast New York walker).

And second, I chose these Jimmy Choo Bill Boots from their new Catwalk Collection. Okay, yes this fringe is super swingy. But. But they also have a darn high heel so who’s going to be rushing around in them anyway? Wear these on your chauffeured limo days (a.k.a taxi days and/or mass transit 😉 ). A beaded fringe is also less common which makes it more worthy in my eyes, and when you add that it’s subtly colored, elegantly patterned, and paired against a plain black suede boot – even fringe haters might find themselves smiling at these.

Last I have one example below of the fringe that I feel ruins it for the other fringes in the world; unfortunately, although the brand has some other cute styles, (cliche or not) these over-the-knee Sam Edelman boots will never be on my feet unless I’m playing Pocahontas.


*FYI just in case you wanted to know – Fringe is basically a long strip of leather (but I suppose any other material would qualify) cut every 1/4 inch or so along one end to create separate, movable pieces hanging down in a row. 

P.S. Yes, I’ve been watching Fringe on FOX too. The story line really draws you in even though it’s a bit repetitive sometimes. I can’t wait to see how “The Pattern” connects everything.

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