avatarIn response to some great comments, I have decided to do my blog (and my BlogRoll!) a favor, and start a recurring entry titled “Shoe Store Spotlight,” each special entry dedicated to a different online shoe store that I personally shop at and would live inside, given the opportunity. (If you want reviews of shoe stores I don’t love so much, I can throw some of those in too, but until I hear otherwise or have a really bad experience of my own, I’m making it a love-fest)!

I already started something like this in the BlogRoll section under the non-BlogRoll heading of “Nothing But Shoes” which I have recently re-named “Shopping Directory – Nothing But Shoes” to make it even more clear. That section is dedicated to a list of online shoe stores that only sell shoes, or at least 90%. As you probably know, there are tons of stores out there that sell everything high fashion: clothes, purses, jewelry, etc. Sometimes they carry great shoes too and I do link to websites like that in this blog, but for the purposes of a shoe blog, I thought only shoe stores dedicated solely (ha) to shoes should be recognized. Check out my list to the left for some stores soon to be featured in the Shoe Store Spotlight blogs coming up and let me know if you see a favorite website missing that you’d like to see get some love!