avatarHow did you procrastinate this long, it’s already Halloween!?  Now don’t expect me to tell you how to become Marie Antoinette out of toilet paper; your costume will probably have to be fairly basic unless you’re super lucky – most costume stores will be picked bare by the time you get out of work), but never fear, you can work with what you already have and I’ll show you how to get inspiration from your shoes (of course!). You won’t have to dress up with a “My Name Is…” sticker on my watch! (side woot to The Office).

Do you own a pair of mary-janes? Or do you have time to run to Payless to scoop these up? If you do, you’ve got an instant school-girl costume. Add knee high socks or tights, a short skirt (pleated is better but not necessary), button a white button down shirt half way from the top and tie the ends in a knot (or tuck it in but I’m going to just assume that most people aren’t going for modest), then add a neck tie. Put your hair in pig-tails for a Britney Spears twist. Add fake blood if you want to be a zombie schoolgirl (ooh or vampire fangs; more people should be scary).


Any platform shoes hiding in your closet? Seriously, why are you worried about a costume when you have an instant hippie outfit waiting to go? Add some jean shorts or wide leg or bell-bottom jeans, a brightly colored t-shirt (or something covered in a floral print, or tie-die… seriously, if you have a tie-die t-shirt you better wear it!). If you have none of these shirt options but you do have a vest, go with a white tee and the vest instead (if you’re really ambitious, make fringe out of a piece of plain paper or brown construction paper and duct tape it onto the inside edges of the vest). Wear your hair down or recycle any long wig front last year, tie a piece of string around your forehead, draw a heart or peace sign on your cheek in lipstick, and hold your fingers up in a piece sign.


Last but not least, the I’ve-got-nothing-but-I-have-to-wear-something-better-than-just-a-fake-mustache-or-they-won’t-let-me-into-the-party costume. If you have a pair of shoes that are a solid color (easy enough) but I suggest not black or white, you can work this costume. The brighter the color the better and if they’re patent leather or glossy, that’s even even (yes, double the even) better. Now get a long shirt and some black tights or tights in that same color. Next, make yourself a cone out of matching colored paper and wear it like a party hat (or find an actual solid colored party hat). Then… ready? Draw or use tape to spell out the Crayola logo on the front of the shirt!! Yay you’re a crayon!! This is an excellent group idea too if you have friends also stranded in the costume quagmire.  If you want to see some girls pull it off in a super cute way, click here.

Happy Scare Day / Pumpkin Day / All Hallows Eve / Candy Day / Halloween!