Congrats to Barack Obama, the President-elect!  So, what did his wife, Michelle Obama, wear on November 4th? There’s been a lot of talk about her Narciso Rodriquez dress, but I’m looking a little more south, to her feet! Looks like low black heels (mules?) to me. Her daughters were in cute black ballet flats. Think what you want of her bondage-inspired dress, you can’t say the shoes weren’t a good choice to go with it: an understated shoe for a outspoken dress.


In an election shoe summary, this Associated Press Article is all about what Obama and McCain’s (and their wives) shoe choices say about them. An interesting read even though the election is over. An except: “Michelle Obama has a hint of Midwestern sensibility, coordinating her accessories and her clothes, Cleary says, noting one recent outfit that paired a melon-colored cardigan with color-blocked ballet flats that featured maroon, melon and brown… Michelle Obama also has a very personal style, Macko says. “It doesn’t look like someone is putting her look together for her.”

And, to be fair, here’s a pretty good list of some of Palin’s shoe choices too – did you know she favors red shoes?

On a side note, did you see this picture of Barack Obama with his feet up on a desk? Apparently, he wore shoes with holes in the soles! It’s okay Obama, I know how it is. The comfiest shoes ever, right? I have a few pairs like that too.

Want to steal Michelle’s shoe style?

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