avatarI have been adding some cool tidbits to a few of my older posts lately, but I just realized that if you’re a regular reader, you’re probably not going back to read my old blogs again, so you’re totally missing out! To remedy that, I thought I’d try posting my updates in a group like this every so often, so let me know what you think. And to clarify, I don’t change the existing blog content, I just sometimes find some interesting new relevant information so I add it to the very top of the post in bold along with the date it was added. Enjoy!

UPDATE 11/5Check out this post by InStyle Magazine’s National Correspondent – Style Spy on the same Marc Jacobs mouse shoe collection I wrote about below – plus get a peek at the designer’s latest amazing version as part of a limited edition collaboration with KAWS – very limited, only 200 pairs! (and no, Style Spy and I are not related )      …     on “Trick of the Eye” Shoes are Everywhere, Are You Missing Them?

UPDATE 10/28 – Check out the exclusive coupon code I got for you (below) to save 10% on your first order!     …     on Shoe Store Spotlight: Gotham City Online

THE UPDATES KEEP COMING! 10/8/08– Lucky Magazine’s November issue (page 88) featured a section about heel hardware; they wrote: ”metal detailing gives even the simplest heels an unexpectedly glamorous spin”… exactly what I was talking about down below above the first set of pictures! (and yeah, they pictured a Tory Burch pair too). Remember you heard it here first back in July!     …     on Fall-ing for New Shoe Trends

UPDATE 9/28 – check out this hilarious blog on equally loving and hating heel-less shoes (and/or Victoria Beckham).     …     on Don’t Be a Slave to Fashion When It Comes to High Heels

UPDATE 9/14– I just spotted these new boots by Theory at Neiman Marcus: PICTURE ON POST     …     on The Boot Trend You Heard Here First – With Proof!

UPDATE 9/3/08 – My pick below of the Jessica Simpson “Fox” ankle boots was also just ranked as The #1 Top Bootie for Fall by About.com: Shoes!! I guess great minds think alike.     …     on Fall-ing for New Shoe Trends