avatarThis Winter, stores should be stocking styles you didn’t see last year to try to tempt buyers to the fullest and may be offering bigger sales than usual (yay for black friday and cyber monday!)

Muriel Gonzalez, Senior VP of shoes, intimates and accessories for Macy’s, told Footwear News in this article that they ‘“… see an opportunity in the fur-lined boot and slipper arena that we will be maximizing,” and that in addition to Uggs, “there’s a great Coach sneaker that’s fur lined. The Mammoth [shearling-lined] Crocs last year were very successful for us.”’ In the same article, Teresa Leone, a buyer for Belk Department Stores, said she also believes “There will be a big increase [in boots] because last year was so safe.” “[Mainstream department stores]… dabbled in the fashion [boots], but more people wanted newness.”’

I’m sure they meant “fur” loosely defined, like I think of it – as long as the shoes are soft inside and warm, that’s all that matters, right? Below are a few cozy shoes that are pretty fantastic.

Coach Colette EMU Australia High Hip boots suede fleece-lined Toms Shoes


Likewise, Rick Weinstein, director of sales and marketing at Searle told Footwear News, “It’s impossible to be up [in sales] … unless you’re offering something no on else has.” He said that 50 percent of shoe purchases at Searle New York are flat boots! It makes sense though; I think most people are still okay with buying a new pair of boots this winter even with the economy in crisis, but they are leaning towards boots they can wear every day (a.k.a. flat boots). You know, so they don’t have to buy more than one pair.

I’m all for skyscraper heels on my boots, but if you’re trying to make your money count, you have to admit that for most of us, cost per wear (which I only pretend means something to me 😉 – usually when I’m trying to justify buying a new pair of shoes) on those high heels will not even be close to that calculated on a pair of flat boots. So, with that in mind, these styles rock my socks:

Pertti Palmroth Waterproof Leather Boot fluevog-krista michael-by-michael-kors-fairbanks


On a side note: did you hear that Christian Lacroix has partnered with Gola to create an excessively cool line of men’s and women’s shoes which should appear for sale this January (you can see more of the styles, in addition to the one below, here)! Combining sporty style and designer runway fashion is definitely a good thing.  The master Lacroix himself said in a statement regarding the collaboration, “In a way, trainers are to the 21st century what shimmering ties and multicolored vests were to the dandies of the 19th century — a distinctive sign, a personal signature. That is the perspective from which I prefer to view fashion, rather than that of uniformity. Given carte blanche by Gola, I took the opportunity, withmuch gratitude, to bring the modernity of a contemporary and popular brand together with the timeless baroque of an iconic design or our couture house: the embroideries of a torero cape.”

Christian Lacroix for Gola

Last but not least, definitely check out Shuz Society’s cute list of the top 30 shoe related gifts for the holidays (shoe necklaces, bunny slipper booties for dogs, etc). Adorable.