avatarI feel really lucky to have found out about this website and be one of a few chosen to tell you about their awesome contest. In celebration of their re-launch, jbandme.com is offering a $500 Shopping Spree!! You can be the one lucky winner if you just create an account on their website and sign up for their mailing list – but remember you only have until December 1 to do it (that’s the one week only part). But more than getting a chance to win, if you sign up for their mailing list, you’ll also be notified of special deals and get some great style tips.

Their improved website now features a shop-able Lookbook, sorting options for when you’re searching their cool fashion items, a wish-list option (with a comments section!! – I always find these helpful for writing down the outfits I think would be perfect with a new pair of shoes I see), super detailed pictures and an easy checkout process.

But listen, I wouldn’t just tell you about any old contest – Jb and Me has a great selection of shoes and boots, including some from brands I’ve never heard of like Miz Mooz (which are surprisingly cute) and DAV (check out the equestrian riding boots that are seriously almost dead ringer for the Tory Burch Winnie rubber riding boots minus the logo business at the top). Plus they carry Poetic Licence shoes which is the brand I am most obsessed with at this moment.

(p.s. a little bird told me jbandme.com is going to have something special going on this weekend…)

Good Luck!