avatarWelcome to 2009! Everyone knows that one of the top resolutions people make to start off their new year is to have a healthier lifestyle and a fit body. Even less direct resolutions like quitting smoking, eating less fast food or walking the dog an extra block each morning, can lead to the motivation to increase (or start!) exercising. It’s one thing every body needs to feel tip top.

So, of course, I’ve been on the lookout for fabulous athletic shoes that are just what the resolution doctor ordered. It really is hard to keep that promise to yourself to run 5 miles a week if all you have in your closet are stilettos and flip flops. Check out the cute styles I selected below, though I have to admit that most of my picks were based on looks (see the bottom of this blog).

Retro styling and bright colors are totally in right now, so not only will these Puma shoes in my first spot keep your feet feeling fine when you sprint to make your morning train, they’ll also give you some street cred. The gray mary jane slip on sneakers next to them are made from recycled rubber and totally vegan! If you want cute, comfortable shoes but still want to feel free to have a spontaneous nature hike, these are the pair for you.

Thinking about pulling on a pair of bright blue sneakers in the morning makes me smile and sometimes that’s what you need when you’re up before the sun. Converse All Stars have a serious cult status so you don’t have to just take my word for it; they’re a great all around shoe for all day activity. And last, whether you believe the hype or you’re more skeptical, these MBT sneakers are a nice neutral option that doesn’t scream “workout shoe” but supposedly will give you a workout with every step you take. 

Puma RS100 J-41 Palm Vegan
Converse All Star MBT MWalk

If you’re looking for a shoe for a very specific sport or have a special needs foot (like a super high arch or previous injury, etc), please do some research online or talk to your doctor, or even walk into a specialty shoe store and discuss your needs with a member of the sales staff. If the store specializes in sporting goods, the staff should be able to give you some keywords to look for when you’re shoe shopping. I know a lot of money is spent in the technology towards creating the best pair of shoes out there for each activity, so if you want to train like an olympic athlete, the shoes do exist (even those specifically for kayaking!).

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