nyshoespyI know this short bit is going to sound like a plug, but it’s a true story! I ran into a woman at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop the other day (p.s. try the coconut version!) who was shopping for her wedding. Having been walking in snow all day, our conversation snapped me into the reality that some people do actually choose to have their weddings in the winter (you can probably tell I’m not a big fan of the cold).

But I will admit that (in theory) I can see the appeal: rosey cheeks, romantic snow pictures (imagine the bride’s white dress, in the snow, with a colorful bouquet of flowers and ruby red lips – wow), roaring fires, white being symbolic of purity, those cute mittens built for hand-holding, maybe ice skating together instead of a first dance, and escaping to somewhere warm for your honeymoon!

Being shoe blog-minded though, I got to thinking too that the strappy heels I looked at before I got married would sure make for some blue toes in a winter wedding. So, I sought out to find the perfect shoes for a bride to wear when shivering her “I Do”s (come on, I’m sure some crazy romantics opt for outdoor winter weddings too ;)).

Carlos Santana Bond wedding bouquet of roses Christian Louboutin mirrored platform pump

From my research, I noticed that most shoe store’s “evening” sections only include strappy heels with maybe the occasional peep-toe. I don’t have to imagine how frustrating it must be to not be able to look at “evening shoes” when you’re shopping for your wedding of all things! On top of that, most bridal magazines seem convinced that all winter weddings will either be indoors, holiday themed, or they avoid the topic altogether (I’m not going to link to bad advice, but if you don’t believe me, search for “winter wedding shoes” online). So where do you go from there?! Well, since the rules for shoes are pretty much the same for all indoor weddings regardless of what’s going on outside, I’m going to focus on shoes for the couples that will at least be outside for pictures – I’ll assume you chose this season to embrace it!

I think an obvious first thought for a winter wedding is white boots. If you’re going with white though, I prefer them to be a not-quite-white color to avoid being super matchy (which is almost impossible anyway given all the different versions of “white” that wedding dresses come in now – don’t worry, I’m done with that rant). So, I love the bluish, slightly distressed (but not messy!) look of the ankle boots below by Tashkent by Cheyenne and the alabaster of the platform booties by ASOS (see the flash of yellow below the ankle?!).

Tashkent by Cheyenne wedding bouquet dusty rose ASOS stiletto boots_

However, you could also go with boots in your accent color, like the Carlos by Carlos Santana boots at the top of this blog paired with a red rose bouquet. P.S. I had to add the Christian Louboutin hot pink mirrored heels up there too because a red sole, if you can afford it in this economy, might be worth freezing off a toe… plus that platform will totally keep your feet out of the snow, right?

Remember that although many winter boots are chunky, padded and not so cute, you can often find streamlined and polished styles like the gold Marc Jacobs beauties below or this champagne colored wedge boot by Kenneth Cole Reaction. One easy checkpoint is to just stay away from chunky rubber soles to keep the look more refined than rugged (if you’re worried about slipping, try sticking these on your shoes). For another fine example, I’m completely obsessed with the United Nude booties below that, believe it or not, I’m pretty sure were thought up way before Marc Jacob’s version. Definitely a wedding shoe you’ll want to keep wearing long after the ceremony.

Marc Jacobs ankle boot wedding bouquet gold United Nude Eamz Booty

But if wearing boots just doesn’t spell Cinderella for you, there are many closed toe pumps that are just as dressy as traditional evening sandal heels but will protect your feet a little more. I love the pyramid studs and yellow heel on the light gray (not exactly white!) Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes below which could bring a nice bright note to a usually dreary season (in which case I strongly suggest yellow tulips in your bouquet). Or to add a bit of a glam to your fairy tale, you might like the 4.5″ platform on the mary-janes by Davis by Ruthie Davis in my third spot.

marc by marc jacobs heels yellow tulips Davis by Ruthie Davis palisades pump

Last, a metallic pump will reflect all the wrappings and sparkle of the winter and be an amazing formal wedding shoe. Try to look for a shoe with a subtle detail like the pleating on the this one below by BCBGMaxAzria or just an inspired lace-up design (paired with a flash of silver at the heel and a hidden platform) like these very modern Barbara Bui heels. Sequins or rhinestones added on top of a full metallic pump can look like total overkill (unlike some strappy styles where there isn’t enough metallic fabric or leather on the shoe to really compete).

BCBGmaxazria Courtney wedding bouquet blue Barbara Bui platform bootie

As a final final note, I thought I should add two practical snow tromping options, just in case. I know there are some women who will want to wear flats for their wedding, but it’s pretty hard to keep snow and water out of anything resembling a ballet flat. Since I also know more than a few women who have an unquenchable love for flat sheepskin & shearling boots, I decided to first add these new rubber rainboot UGGs. At least they’re a dressy gold color (and you’ll be warmer than everyone else). And in my second spot (and a unisex option -guys!), are these awesome 8-eye Dr. Martens (which come in a pull-on Chelsea boot version too). Something about the entire shoe, including sole and stitching, being perfectly white just makes them look so cool… and, of course, perfect for a wedding.

Good luck out there you crazy kids! And I wish you all a long and happy marriage.

UGG gold rainboot Dr. Martens tall white