avatarI just found these Converse high-tops designed by Kettle Black covered in rows of pyramid studs and I thought they were really cool, why didn’t I ever think of doing that! And I look down to add them to my shopping bag and see they’re selling for $550!?  And yes, regular Converse brand Converse. The shoes are fantastic and I’m sure each pair was studded by hand (which does take a while, especially when you’re trying to create straight lines).

Kettle Black Converse shoes

kettle black converse at Singer 22

pictures from Singer 22 where you can also buy these shoes

But… unfortunately, there’s no mention of these being for some sort of charity fundraiser or anything that might make you say, okay, I can maybe fathom paying that much for a pair of $40 shoes with some $5 studs on them. I hope I am missing something here. Until then, I recommend you get some plain Converse canvas sneakers (come on, you probably already have a pair or two in your closet), some regular pyramid studs, a pair of pliers, an free weekend or two, and get ready to dodge the paparazzi.

Converse All Stars plus sign pyramid studs

P.S.  I’m also totally loving this idea to transform a pair of old ankle boots into a brand new Prada look! Changing up the look of the items you have is a type of recycling, especially if you would have thrown out the shoes otherwise.