avatarHere’s another trend that’s a bit under the radar right now. Whatever you want to call them: sandal booties, sock sandals (my preference), thong boots, etc., these shoes are so fun! Apparently, the style was spotted briefly in Buenos Aires last summer and the comments back then were fairly split, but I have a feeling they’ll be totally embraced this season.

You may notice as you scroll down, that designers were influenced by both past and recent trends. These sock shoes take the previously prolific full boots with peep toes and make the style way more wearable. The new sandals are also a spin on the gladiator trend that is still going strong for the spring/summer season and they are a slight variation on ankle cuff sandals.

I actually have really sensitive skin so I often make due with moleskin and band-aids (ah, suffering for fashion), but these new sock sandals look like heaven! I mean, I’ve certainly never had a sock attack my foot (although there has been some crazy static electricity a few times – that’s the real reason you shouldn’t wear socks with Uggs, btw). Ok, so check out the cream of the crop below and let me know what you think of them this year.

bahia jersey sandal bronze gathered ankle sandals
Cocobelle Bahia Sock Sandals Topsies olive green flip-flop sandals
Dolce Vita Aries Steve Madden Benza


But, if the sock sandal seem like too big a leap from your usual shoe style, you might want to try bib sandals first. Like that essential accessory for dribbly droolers and those who’d rather wear their meals on their faces, these sandals drape across the front of the ankle with some tapering foot coverage. Bib sandals are a baby step into the sock sandal trend and there are tons of variations.  A few great examples by Liz Claiborne (not just for moms all the time!), Calvin Klein, Nine West and Corso Como are below for you.

Liz Claiborne Micah Calvin Klein Macie
Nine West Badngood Corso Como Santorini sandal