Welcome back to the Shoe Store Spotlight. Today’s feature presentation is a fairly new addition to the online shoe world, Launched in 2004, SoleStruck (per their bio) is a small and independent store and they always want to keep it that way. That exclusive attitude helps keep the store’s offerings centered (and that means that if you like their shoes, you’re going to keep liking them, even as they add new styles).

SoleStruck offers $5 pre-paid returns for any unworn items for up to a year! Have you ever had a pair of shoes you meant to return but due to a busy schedule, laziness, whatever, they just got pushed further and further into back of your closet until you completely forgot about them? Well, whereas that would mean posting them for sale on eBay or Craigslist if purchased from some stores, with SoleStruck, you could still return them! (that is, if you at least clean out your closet once a year… P.S. it’s time for spring cleaning). The other feature of their site that I find essential is Live Chat… it’s so much easier to ask questions immediately on the computer so I’m glad they have that option.

You’ll definitely want to check out SoleStruck’s blog too. Although it is generally promoting the shoes they have for sale (obviously), they do have some unexpected entries that you can search through via their list of categories on the right side of the blog. Seriously! Shoestruction, Gross Injuries, Eco-Impact, and Fab Friday Giveaways are among the topics.

One tiny bummer is the Trends Of The Season page. I love the idea of it; it’s hard to search for a find a bunch of shoes with lucite heels (one of my weaknesses) or just neon colors, so grouping hard-to-find characteristics together is awesome. But, sadly the page is not updated and a lot of the shoe pictures are missing (sold out?). Granted I did have to do a little digging to find it, but keep that page updated and I’d have to give this website a 10!

In honor of SoleStruck’s red shopping background, here are some great picks from their website:

Featured in April's Teen Vogue

Jeffery Campbell Mel - Featured in April's Teen Vogue

Sam Edelman Erica

Sam Edelman Erica - I have these in black, way comfy!

Rocket Dog Aladin

I wish you could see the cute rainbow elastic across the toes in this pic

Oh Deer! Strata

Oh Deer! Strata - Almost Identical to a pair by Alaia that costs over $1,000!