I confess that I don’t know as much about athletic shoes as I should given my limited scope of attempted expertise (somehow “ny shoes that aren’t athletic spy” just wasn’t as catchy). I feel super overwhelmed when I walk into sporting good stores, etc and see distinct styles for rugged trail running vs road running vs walking vs extra aerobic induced bouncing, etc. It seems a little ridiculous, but I know tons of money goes into the research to make these claims so who am I to dispute it? I also have not done any comparative testing so, even more so, I cannot scoff.

But I have to admit that all I actually choose from once I’m under the right activity subheading are the pretty colors (and I’m ashamed to say that I have  even strayed from my appropriate section because of the draw of a particularly beautiful shoe – however if it helps any, I do read all the features before buying). And this is all not to mention that I’ve really only bought athletic shoes for myself like twice, but I do at least look at the shoes much more often. Below is an example of some not completely athletic shoes but cute, cute and cute! (otherwise known as Adidas fabric and silver leather sneakers, Camper Asia Taipei sneakers and a purple and plaid The Ramos by Keep).

Adidas Silver Sneakers Camper Asia Taipei sneakers Keep The Ramos

Ok, so. In a  roundabout way, that brings us to the Boston Marathon! I went to college in Boston so I always saw part of the race and, in my memory, it always occurred right around the first warm and sunny day since winter (obviously not always so). I’m sure that watching or hearing of the famous Marathon inspires some people to start running themselves, it certainly is the easiest sport to start in (grab shoes and go!), so I thought I’d do a bit of research on running shoes and present to you some of the best (and cutest, come on, I can’t leave that out) shoes for it.

Road running means running on a paved or well packed surface that does not give at all when your foot hits it. This obviously causes extra strain on your involved body parts that would not be as effected on softer terrain; so road running shoes have extra cushioning to counteract this. The other major distinguishing factors amongst road running shoes are just those that combine to fit your specific foot: a combination of your arch and your pronation or gait. (Hey, this wasn’t so complicated after all!)

To honor Adidas’s 20 year partnership with the Boston Athletic Association (BAA, the marathon’s sponsor), they created a limited edition (800 pairs) version of their already popular Supervova running shoe in the official colors of the Boston Marathon (below). It also has a commemorative inscription on the interior and they’re so darn cute, I’m giving them spot numero uno. If you’re going to be wearing your running shoes for the entire 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon, you definitely want to make sure you love those shoes in and out.  My second pick is a pair of New Balance CW413 shoes that have a mesh upper which – along with being breathable, obviously, the mesh should move more with your foot and probably be the most comfortable shoe ever! And the last pair of Nikes I love mostly because they’re black (ok and Nike is the world’s leading supplier of athletic wear so they probably know what they’re doing ;)). But seriously, not all running shoes have to be white-based! Maybe it’s for safety so other people can see you better when you’re running (road running=roads=cars and people)? Or maybe it’s like seeing your food turn colors, for the sake of your foot’s health, you know the expiration date for your shoes based on how much white is still left white. Regardless, my last pick are the (impressively named) Nike Shox Navina +3’s which also have very high-tech looking little shock looking features on the heels; love it.

Adidas Supernova Limited Edition New Balance CW413 Nike Shox Navina +3

Phew. Since that went so successfully, maybe I’ll try and delve into other athletic styles and explain how the shoes are made just for that specific activity, in later blogs. Let me know if you have any specific interests and I’ll be happy to give those a rambling (I call it “colorful”) explanation first.