This appears to be a fairly small recall, the shoes in question were sample shoes and only sold in sizes 7 and 9 (so if you bought a different size, don’t worry). There are two item numbers involved, item#SAMPCHSHOE and item #SAMPCDSHOE (those item numbers can be found on your original receipt from Nordstroms), but those two items include various styles and color by the brands Charles David and Charles by Charles David. (The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission did not mention if the items pictured on their website represented some or all of the variations but I’ve copied those pictures for you below).

Apparently some handmade heels were attached to those recalled shoes instead of the actual production heels which is the reason for their instability. Luckily, Nordstrom is offering full refunds for the recalled shoes! If you have additional questions or need Nordstrom contact info, please click here. And  if your stiletto heels broke but were not a part of this recall, here’s a semi-helpful but funny article about how to not snap your high heels in half.

Charles david recall 1 Charles david recall 2
Charles david recall 3 Charles david recall 4