Hello again! As you may be able to tell from the not-so-subtle shoe collection featured here, I have a good reason for not updating in so long… I had a baby! (Her picture is at the bottom of this post, since all new moms get a free bragging pass ;))

So I know it’s been almost a year since I updated, but I seriously felt like I was two steps from death until my 3rd trimester and just when I finally felt like a real person again, there was just so much to do to get ready for her and not enough time. Of course, after she was born, life was nothing but insanity for a while. But we’re all getting a little more sleep now and our family is finally getting a bit of a workable routine back in place, albeit modified. So I’m back to blogging! And in honor of new babies everywhere, I wanted to start out with a post about baby shoes.

I didn’t know this until I began researching it, but here are actually a few different types of baby shoes: crib shoes or soft-soles, pre-walker or crawling shoes, first steps shoes, and toddler shoes. Crib shoes have super soft, flexible soles and are simply meant to keep little feet warm, clean and stylish. I admit they seem kind of silly and unnecessary for summer babies who would probably be fine barefoot, but I still have a few pairs in the closet for my daughter – they’re just way too cute! (And when hasn’t fashion been a little silly?)

Pre-walker shoes often have a split sole for flexibility and just a little reinforcement in the heels and toes where crawlers push. They also usually have a slip-resistant coating. First Step shoes usually feature a thicker, but still flexible, full rubber sole and sometimes padded insoles too. But many companies make shoes marketed towards both crawlers and walkers since these milestones can happen within a very short time of one another. Toddler shoes are like miniature versions of adult shoes with sturdy indoor/outdoor soles.

Then we have faux baby shoes (actually socks) which are printed to look like anything from sneakers to ballet slippers. I can’t even tell you how in love I am with these sock shoes below! Especially for babies that aren’t using their feet all that much (and are going to grow out of those adorable crib shoes faster than you can blink an eye) – these are such a great option! And with an average price of $3-$6 a sock (usually sold in sets), you won’t even worry when she figures out how to pull them off every 6 seconds.

And finally, the most adorable excuse for not posting for so long, my new baby…

Baby Olyla