This is my second review of Cougar footwear (you can see the first review on a pair of their rain boots here). This time I’m trying out a pair of hard core winter boots. What? They’re too pretty to be serious winter wear with that silvery floral pattern up the leg? I know, I was a little skeptical too. Until I put them on, that is.

The Ravishing style is rated for comfort in temperatures down to negative 22 degrees depending on your level of activity. I’m totally fascinated by this: you can wear these boots outside in temperatures no less than 14 degrees if you’re mostly sitting or standing, down to  negative 11 degrees if you’re in frequent movement but with frequent stops, and down to negative 22 degrees if you’re in constant motion (and if I’m outside in negative 22 degree weather, you can bet the ONLY reason would be because I’m running for my life from a polar bear… so good to know).

Cougar Ravishing folded to different heights

in black

Next, the comfort. These Cougar boots are not heavy or stiff in any way (things I usually associate with waterproof boots) but they’re also not flimsy like they could tear at any moment. And yes, they are waterproof, not just water-resistant! The lower part of the boot is suede though, so you may want to spray them with some suede protector just to keep them looking nice. The boot shaft is a little tight so if you have serious calf muscles, you may want to try these on in stores or order from a website with free returns, but on my legs I felt snug as a bug in a rug (now that I have a baby, this stuff is slipping into my daily speech). The bungees are mostly for show. You can tighten them a bit, but the elastic straps are attached at the loops in the back, so don’t pull too hard. I wore these all day long without even a hint of a blister or ache. They were super super comfy to walk around in from day one.

all the way up

I’m also loving the height of the soles on these. And this story is totally related, I promise: I had a pair of Northface boots that I used a bit last winter. But, for some reason, all the traction and insulation or whatever they put on the boots made the soles have almost a 3 inch platform (I remember bending down to wash my hands before leaving one day and having an eerie parallel universe moment when I realized I was significantly taller than I was a few minutes ago… bending down to wash my hands? what!?). To get to the point, I ended up not wearing the boots much because although I never did slip, I always felt like I could easily fall off the platform and twist my ankle; it just seemed too risky when walking around on ice, which was the reason for the boots (darn you absentee sidewalk shovelers!). Anyway, the fact that Cougar could add all the necessary warmth and traction in an inch sole (1.5 inches in the heel), made me very happy.

It hasn’t snowed yet, so I couldn’t test the traction of these boots in snow and ice, but it has been rainy and chilly here so I can comment that the boots haven’t had a problem at all on wet floors and sidewalks and that my feet have been very warm. I’d been testing out so many uggs lately though that I forgot to put socks on the first time I tried on these Cougar boots; they’re much better with socks  😉

Another thing I really like, as pictured above, is that Cougar did not skimp on the faux fur at all; I was really surprised how deep I could cuff the boots down. It gives you a few different style options all in one boot. Another neat thing is that the underside of the faux fur is a sweater knit. I’m not completely sure that I would wear these out with the boot trim pulled all the way up to my knees, but it’s nice to know that I could without exposing some unfinished underside like I often find on other brands. Plus that sweater lining means extra warmth too.

I got the beige and silver color but the Ravishing style also comes in a black version with a darker faux fur cuff (don’t worry, it still has the silvery leafy print up the leg).  Get them for $169.95 at here!

And now that you’ve finished this blog post, please Click Here to complete a very short survey on Cougar Boots and the Matchstick company will donate $2 to the Red Cross for every survey completed.

Thanks again to the people at Matchstick for the shoes.