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Traditionally, the vast majority of couples in the US have their weddings in June, the first month of summer. But this June was super rainy (I think record-breaking) and I’ve noticed more late summer weddings planned for this year and next. But regardless of when exactly it happens, you can bet that at some point in your life you will be invited to a summer wedding, maybe even your own! (I’m realizing now that I actually crashed my own wedding, since I technically never got an invite ;)) Anyway, I think that’s a good reason to have a blog strictly about Summer wedding shoes! (P.S. if you’re still undecided, see my Winter wedding shoe blog too).

So, you may think anything goes when pairing shoes with summer toes, but you’d be wrong! Well, ok, maybe not wrong, but some shoe styles are far superior to others depending on the location of your ceremony:

1. All Outdoor Weddings – If you’re having a summer wedding, its safe to say you’ll probably be having your ceremony outdoors to enjoy the nice, warm weather. First of all, do yourself a favor and avoid cooping your feet up inside hot closed toe pumps (ew, foot sweat!). If temps top 90 where you are, even gladiator style sandals may start to rub and feel not-so-good, so just cross all those shoes off your list now.

Next, even if you opt for a location that can reserve an indoor area in case of rain, remember that you’ll have to have your shoes picked out long before you’ll know Mother Nature’s decision. Any shoe will work indoors, but not every shoe will work outside. So, the main thing to consider when choosing your summer wedding shoes is the ground you’ll be walking on: sand, grassy lawn, packed dirt path (garden), flagstones, loose gravel, etc.

2. Beach Weddings – Trust me when I tell you that you will get sand in your shoes. And I’ve had even those most comfy shoes turn evil at the beach. So now the question is, do you want to have to take your shoes off every 5 seconds to dump them out? Or will you stay strapped into your shoes all day to suffer while a few misplaced grains rub your foot raw? If your answer is “yikes!”, then when trying out shoes, think first about how easy they are to get on and off. Unfastening ankle straps, for example, can require some pretty awkward movements if you’re in, say, a long, straight, low-cut dress. But if your shoes are open to let the sand in and out freely, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about removing them. Here’s a good beach shoe philosophy: don’t fight the sand, go with it.

Also, thin heels are not going to work so well if you plan on walking in sand, so I’d take those out of consideration now too. Even if you could manage the walk, I’m sure you don’t want to have to focus all your attention all day on not falling. If you really have to have a heel, you could try a shoe with a wide sole like a wedge. But honestly, I suggest you embrace the beachy vibe and go for flat sandals! There are lots of dressy options now:

Flats are the best way to go

Guiseppe Zanotti – just beautiful, and in buttery soft leather


Rampage – the jeweled flower on the toe is so cute!

Stuart Weitzman - gorgeous jewel detail, click to see larger

Stuart Weitzman – minimalistic glamour with just 2 tiny jewels and a snake chain

Office (UK)

Office (UK) – your shoe could be your something blue!

Colin Stuart

Colin Stuart – perfect for bridesmaids too

Nine West

Nine West – wear with your wedding gown now and all summer!

3. Lawn or Garden Wedding – Let’s say the weather has been super rainy (not a far stretch of the imagination if you’ve been on the east coast the last few weeks), but just as you’re beginning to panic, the forecaster says it will all end right before your wedding is scheduled, phew! – the clouds part and the sun shines beautifully down just in time. But when you get to the botanical garden you reserved years in advance, you find that all that rain left a lot of mud that couldn’t possibly dry out fast enough! No problem, right? Right! Because you read this blog and you were prepared ;).

Ok, if mud is a possibility (and it probably will be in any garden or lawn location), thin stiletto heels could sink or get stuck and cause you to fall. But, you can avoid all that trouble by choosing a wide heel like a wedge (I’ve got some great picks for you below). Also, if you hate having your wet toes slide around after coming in contact with dewy grass (it’s one of my silly pet peeves) or if there’s a possibility for loose rocks to get into your shoes, you may also want a platform front style to keep those tootsies out of the danger zone. Last, don’t forget about the possibility of grass or mud stains (especially if you’re trying out your footwear during the rehearsal) – it’s a great impetus to try a metallic or colored shoe!

Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart – sweet wedges for a fairy tale wedding

matiko - nude shoes look great with white dresses

Matiko – nude shoes look great with white dresses

Alexandra Anouket - yes, you can do suede in the summer, when it's like this!

Alexandra Anouket – a delicate shade of summer suede

Nine West - classic, elegant and on sale for $30 as of 8/1!!

Nine West – classic and elegant

Oh! Deer - the delicate scalloping offset the chunky wedge heel

Oh Deer! – light scalloping offsets the chunky wedge heel

Mark Fisher - amazing with a yellow sunflower or tulip bouquet

Mark Fisher – these platforms would look amazing with a yellow bouquet

Unfortunately, I’ve found that most wedges are designed as casual shoes (who knows why!), so if you can’t find a pair that work for you, try searching for a chunky heel instead – the wider the base of the heel (where it touches the ground), the less likely it’ll sink in wet soil. But, if you’ve already found your dream shoe and they happen to be a stiletto, don’t worry! SoleMates could be your solution. I got a pair at a wedding expo in NYC last year and they’re pretty fantastic. Basically, the SoleMates High Heeler (in black and clear) slides onto most thin heels to make the base of the heel wider (and as above, that’s key for not sinking). They also don’t damage your heels at all and are totally reusable so, besides maneuvering muddy obstacles, you may find yourself using them all the time to walk fearlessly over sidewalk grates and cracks too.

expert sand walkers only

Christian Louboutin – totally risk worthy

L.A.M.B - muted enough to not steal the spotlight... unless you want them too

L.A.M.B – muted enough to not steal the spotlight… unless you want them too

Pollini - I did python with my creamy vintage dress last summer

Pollini – I did python with my creamy vintage dress last summer

Cole Haan Air -

Cole Haan Air – a romantic style for the traditionalists

A Few Words on Color – If you’ve read my other wedding blogs and as you can see from above, I am not a traditionalist that believes you can only wear white shoes with your wedding dress. But, I admit there is something about the crispness of the color white and the heat of summer that just seem to match. Maybe it’s also because summer shoes are less solid, and their openness is both warranted for the heat and breaks up the color.

But, I will say quickly that there are some nice benefits to not going with white shoes. Since many of today’s wedding dresses have colored accents or, at the very least, silver or gold detailing, you can bring some of those colors to your shoes to compliment to your whole outfit. Also, cute metallic shoes (and colorful shoes in general) are much easier to find in a wide variety of styles than plain white shoes are (In my experience, pretty much all “bridal shoes” look the same). And, since most of my picks are not technically “wedding shoes,” the prices are often much lower!

The End! – For one last side note, remember that it’s all the better for you if you’re a last minute shopper (or a super early one), because starting in July and through August, all the summer shoes go on sale! Happy shopping!


nyshoespyI know this short bit is going to sound like a plug, but it’s a true story! I ran into a woman at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop the other day (p.s. try the coconut version!) who was shopping for her wedding. Having been walking in snow all day, our conversation snapped me into the reality that some people do actually choose to have their weddings in the winter (you can probably tell I’m not a big fan of the cold).

But I will admit that (in theory) I can see the appeal: rosey cheeks, romantic snow pictures (imagine the bride’s white dress, in the snow, with a colorful bouquet of flowers and ruby red lips – wow), roaring fires, white being symbolic of purity, those cute mittens built for hand-holding, maybe ice skating together instead of a first dance, and escaping to somewhere warm for your honeymoon!

Being shoe blog-minded though, I got to thinking too that the strappy heels I looked at before I got married would sure make for some blue toes in a winter wedding. So, I sought out to find the perfect shoes for a bride to wear when shivering her “I Do”s (come on, I’m sure some crazy romantics opt for outdoor winter weddings too ;)).

Carlos Santana Bond wedding bouquet of roses Christian Louboutin mirrored platform pump

From my research, I noticed that most shoe store’s “evening” sections only include strappy heels with maybe the occasional peep-toe. I don’t have to imagine how frustrating it must be to not be able to look at “evening shoes” when you’re shopping for your wedding of all things! On top of that, most bridal magazines seem convinced that all winter weddings will either be indoors, holiday themed, or they avoid the topic altogether (I’m not going to link to bad advice, but if you don’t believe me, search for “winter wedding shoes” online). So where do you go from there?! Well, since the rules for shoes are pretty much the same for all indoor weddings regardless of what’s going on outside, I’m going to focus on shoes for the couples that will at least be outside for pictures – I’ll assume you chose this season to embrace it!

I think an obvious first thought for a winter wedding is white boots. If you’re going with white though, I prefer them to be a not-quite-white color to avoid being super matchy (which is almost impossible anyway given all the different versions of “white” that wedding dresses come in now – don’t worry, I’m done with that rant). So, I love the bluish, slightly distressed (but not messy!) look of the ankle boots below by Tashkent by Cheyenne and the alabaster of the platform booties by ASOS (see the flash of yellow below the ankle?!).

Tashkent by Cheyenne wedding bouquet dusty rose ASOS stiletto boots_

However, you could also go with boots in your accent color, like the Carlos by Carlos Santana boots at the top of this blog paired with a red rose bouquet. P.S. I had to add the Christian Louboutin hot pink mirrored heels up there too because a red sole, if you can afford it in this economy, might be worth freezing off a toe… plus that platform will totally keep your feet out of the snow, right?

Remember that although many winter boots are chunky, padded and not so cute, you can often find streamlined and polished styles like the gold Marc Jacobs beauties below or this champagne colored wedge boot by Kenneth Cole Reaction. One easy checkpoint is to just stay away from chunky rubber soles to keep the look more refined than rugged (if you’re worried about slipping, try sticking these on your shoes). For another fine example, I’m completely obsessed with the United Nude booties below that, believe it or not, I’m pretty sure were thought up way before Marc Jacob’s version. Definitely a wedding shoe you’ll want to keep wearing long after the ceremony.

Marc Jacobs ankle boot wedding bouquet gold United Nude Eamz Booty

But if wearing boots just doesn’t spell Cinderella for you, there are many closed toe pumps that are just as dressy as traditional evening sandal heels but will protect your feet a little more. I love the pyramid studs and yellow heel on the light gray (not exactly white!) Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes below which could bring a nice bright note to a usually dreary season (in which case I strongly suggest yellow tulips in your bouquet). Or to add a bit of a glam to your fairy tale, you might like the 4.5″ platform on the mary-janes by Davis by Ruthie Davis in my third spot.

marc by marc jacobs heels yellow tulips Davis by Ruthie Davis palisades pump

Last, a metallic pump will reflect all the wrappings and sparkle of the winter and be an amazing formal wedding shoe. Try to look for a shoe with a subtle detail like the pleating on the this one below by BCBGMaxAzria or just an inspired lace-up design (paired with a flash of silver at the heel and a hidden platform) like these very modern Barbara Bui heels. Sequins or rhinestones added on top of a full metallic pump can look like total overkill (unlike some strappy styles where there isn’t enough metallic fabric or leather on the shoe to really compete).

BCBGmaxazria Courtney wedding bouquet blue Barbara Bui platform bootie

As a final final note, I thought I should add two practical snow tromping options, just in case. I know there are some women who will want to wear flats for their wedding, but it’s pretty hard to keep snow and water out of anything resembling a ballet flat. Since I also know more than a few women who have an unquenchable love for flat sheepskin & shearling boots, I decided to first add these new rubber rainboot UGGs. At least they’re a dressy gold color (and you’ll be warmer than everyone else). And in my second spot (and a unisex option -guys!), are these awesome 8-eye Dr. Martens (which come in a pull-on Chelsea boot version too). Something about the entire shoe, including sole and stitching, being perfectly white just makes them look so cool… and, of course, perfect for a wedding.

Good luck out there you crazy kids! And I wish you all a long and happy marriage.

UGG gold rainboot Dr. Martens tall white

Since even before Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, black and white have been paired together for a beautiful contrast. Even nature has decided black and white are an excellent mix: penguins, pandas…dalmation okay, I just wanted a cute puppy picture (thanks!).  Or, for a more recent picture, Ashlee Simpson’s ivory wedding dress and Pete Wentz’s black nail polish? But, regardless of my fun examples, the truth about the color duo being united in everlasting harmony remains, so why not add some defining black pieces while wearing likely the most white dress of your life?

Actually, I am generally against wearing black to weddings, even if the dress code is black-tie formal (as I get many stern looks from miss manners, I’m sure), but I think shoes are definitely an exception, mostly because there is usually not a lot of black to them (strappy heels are the most common evening shoe) and because most people do not associate black shoes with solemn mourning in the same way as black clothing, at least not in this country. Plus, most of the black evening shoes that you’d pick from to go with your wedding dress are going to have something else to them: rhinestones, beads, crystals, metallics, sequins, lace or glitter (even if it’s just minimally) – which makes the shoes less dreary and a lot more fun! (P.S. If you clicked on the link above to view the uber-gorgeous, uber-expensive sequin example, check out this more affordable (and equally cute) version!).

One more great thing about black shoes, is that you won’t have to worry about trying to find shoes in the exact shade of ecru to match your dress (I’ve read that there are over 200 different versions of white used in wedding dresses – to the chagrin of brides everywhere). Luckily, as my friend Jessica always says, “sparkles match everything!”

So, I have some gorgeous options in black for you below that I’m sure would complement any wedding dress. Starting off, Oh… Deer! covered these black stiletto pumps in sequins so while at first they look fairly basic, then they catch the light and it’s a party! (imagine them sparkling from flickering candles). Second, I’ve chosen these lightly beaded Caparros slingbacks; just by varying the width of the straps, they’ve almost made it look like a bow for the side of your foot (I can do fun and flashy, but the simple minimalist in me favors clean styles when they’re done so right). Last in row one, these heels by Nine West may look like your average rhinestone shoes, but they’re actually trimmed in glinty silver chain! However, the strap over the toes is a wedding-appropriate black lace, so for the bride looking for something slightly edgy, these might just make you and your mother happy (I’m told it is possible ).

Oh...Deer! Ribbon Caparros Karin Nine West Iniko
Max Studio Sylvia Enzo Angiolini Gem Stone Max Studio Pollyanna

In the second row, the intricate, vine-like metallic trim on these Max Studio heels seems to me like a pretty and more wearable version of the Miu Miu teacup pumps. Your friends will be dying to know where you got them and won’t believe they didn’t cost as much as your wedding dress. Next up are these luxe gold and black d’Orsay heels by Enzo Angiolini which I have to preface are not going to work with every wedding dress. Silver and crystal sparkles are so close to white they almost don’t count as a separate color and can match most any wedding dress hue – even those leaning towards gold tones. But, with a bright metallic gold color on a black shoe, you are then dealing with 3 different color spectrums which can be more difficult to use. However, there are tons of wedding dresses in pearly-gold hues and just as many with gold threading or bead detail, so in these cases, a gold and black shoe can coordinate nicely. I think these Enzo heels, with the tapered gold bands on the side, have a bit of a retro cool feel.

For my crafty tip-of-the-blog, the very last pair of shoes by Max Studio are adorable, right? They’re also simple to fashion yourself (I call that couture!). First, just get a pair of plain black d’Orsay heels (that means the back and front of the shoe’s upper are not connected & also that they exist! Shoes without a back won’t work for this project). They will also need to have a removable ankle strap (connected by a loop of leather instead of to the sides of the shoe). You might even already have a pair in your closet. Okay? Now throw the ankle strap away! The next step is to get a pretty double face satin ribbon in your color choice (something blue?). Fold it in half, and put the fold under the toe area of the shoe, fold facing the heel. Separate the two pieces of ribbon at the fold, slip the opposite loose ends through and pull tight. Last step: thread one end of the ribbon through the hole for the ankle strap (this will keep your bow from falling down) and tie a bow! If you can easily slip your foot in and out of the shoes with the bow tied, you can sew or hot glue the knot of the bow so it will stay put (satin ribbon is slippery), otherwise, just use a pin.

P.S. If you have any crafty wedding ideas (especially those involving shoes – but we’ll take anything just this once), please feel free to share!

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Happy day after tax day! (phew)

Not getting as much back as you hoped? And what’s that you say? You also have a wedding to go to fairly soon (your own and/or someone else’s)!? Well, (to quote Flight of the Conchords) I’m not surprised.  June is the number one month for weddings in the US. If you were planning on using part of your tax return towards your outfit, you may be interested to note that the average cost of a wedding dress is between $400 and $1000 and wedding shoes usually put a girl back $100-$300 whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid! Don’t stress though, I can at least help you with the shoe part! My picks below are all under $40 but will dress your feet like a million bucks.

First, on the right, I’ve picked these Tribeca by Kenneth Cole metallic pewter wedges. Nothing says party like a metallic color! And although the wedge isn’t solid, the portion of it hitting the floor is wide enough to give you lots of dancing stability. Next, the ivory fabric Style & Co heels have a bit of gladiator stylin’ to keep them current and all that detail will convince everyone that you spent way more on them than you did (they come in other fun, bright colors too).

The Rampage black t-straps have some not-at-all-flashy tonal beading and the cherry blossom print on the insoles is to die for (I’d definitely be taking the shoes off to show people… well, early in the night. Wouldn’t that be cute if your invites had that print on them?). Last, the gray satin Nine West shoes on the right are elegant enough from the front, but the best part (you’ll have to click to see the other images) are the rhinestones running down the center of the back of the heel. It’s like a flirty wink to the people you pass.

Tribeca Kenneth Cole First Dance Style & Co Stacey
Rampage Camilla Nine West Bakana

When planning a wedding, brides usually decide to hold a bouquet or corsage when walking down the aisle so, of course, they must then decide which flowers will be in it (the groom’s boutonnière applies here too if you’re a hubby-to-be!). Some people choose flowers because they have a specific personal meaning or were always a favorite, but I think the most common deciding factor is whether it’s the right color to go with the invites, decor, bridesmaid’s dresses, etc. You can also consider whether the flower is in season (if you’re trying to save a little money), how fragrant it is or the aura it projects: roses are generally viewed as classic and warm, calla lilies as refined, carnations as cheery and carefree, and so on.

Considering how so much work goes into choosing just a few flowers that you’ll hold for maybe an hour or so tops (and most people throw them to someone else later on), I think you should get a little more out of all that decision making. How about knocking off your shoe deliberations at the same time? Once you know what’ll be in your fabulous bouquet, try turning your flowers into shoes. No silly, this doesn’t require Cinderella’s fairy godmother or glue… check out what I mean below!

calla lilies calvin klein

Calla Lilies – All the flower retailers I found (who I assume would know best) say that these flowers are associated with beauty. Because of their long, thick stems and slightly opened single petal, the best shoes to match these clean, streamlined flowers are simple, monochromatic heels with maybe just one classy detail (you’d probably want to stay away from sparkly accents unless they’re super minimal). It’s hard to see in the picture (click it for a bigger image) but these Calvin Klein satin pumps have a beautiful mother of pearl mosaic heel.

sunflowers Steve Madden

Sunflowers– Named because they resemble the rays of the sun (no, I’m not just saying that because of the word SUN. The botanical name is Helianthus: helio is Greek for sun and anthos meaning flower). So if you choose a bouquet of these bright yellow mood-lifters, it’s probably because you want your wedding to be more upbeat than solemn, more informal than black-tie (and not just because you want to have a ready snack on hand in case the aisle is really long). So I’d match sunflowers with tall espadrilles like these by Steve Madden. The pale gold satin and long ribbons to wrap around your ankle lend an easy elegance while the woven wedge heel is both Summer-y and comfortable. I think these espadrilles may feel a little more wedding-appropriate too because the color of the heel and the fabric are so similar so watch out for harsh contrasts if you go for this style (for example, the look would be completely different with these shoes if the platform heel was dyed black).

style and co twinkle

Orchids- Generally associated with love and fertility, orchids come in a variety of sizes, shapes (some with pointed petals, some more rounded) and soft colors. They were also flowers cultivated and collected only by the wealthy in the Victorian era. Orchids, therefore, add a sophisticated, upscale flare to weddings, especially when they’re in a rich color like this purple variety. That’s why it’s great to pair them with gold hued shoes with white diamond-y decorations; other insignias of riches and opulence, darling. P.S. If you’re having a beach wedding, these flowers are also great because they are commonly used in Hawaiian leis.

Tulips JLo Patrice

Tulips– Both the flower and its name originated in the Ottoman Empire, not Holland as commonly believed. The great thing about tulips is that they come in almost every color but are more special than carnations (which also appear in many colors… and in many grocery store get-well-soon bunches). There are also a ton of meanings for different tulip colors: the red ones I chose above usually signify a declaration of love or sincerity (how much more wedding perfect can you get?), yellow for cheerful thoughts or sunshine, variegated tulips for beautiful eyes, and tulips in general represent a perfect love. I think paring such a love-filled flower with pink toned heels is definitely the way to go. These metallic cage-toe heels by J Lo by Jennifer Lopez have just the right amount of shine and height to add some glamour to your wedding ensemble.

Marc Jacobs for Waterford Guess Olivia 2
Audrey Hepburn

Completely Unique– Yes, those are Waterford crystal flowers (designed by Marc Jacobs). As long as you’re okay with not tossing your bouquet at the reception(!), this could be the addition that no one will forget. Because more than one of these flowers held tightly together might cause some breakage, I’m picturing a single stem with a colored ribbon wound around the stem and trailing. Together with these Guess t-strap heels, the look is just edgy enough without going overboard. At first glance, the shoes are in a perfect-for-evening metallic pewter color, but close-up they almost look to me like they are covered in fishnet stockings. And I cannot pass up sharing the most perfect dress to go with these, the picture above is Audrey Hepburn, but imagine the dress in pure white (I’m about to change all my wedding plans right now).

avatarAnd now for the boys… ok, for the girls shopping for the boys (although if a guy comments here, I promise I will retract this statement and heretofore speak directly to your gender as well). Edited: This is the promised retraction. Thanks Jack!

Nylon magazine (Feb 08) published an interview with The Kills because of their new album, Midnight Boom (and I’m sure also because they’re awesome). One half of the band is Jamie Hince (he’s currently dating Kate Moss according to tabloids), the other half is Allison Mosshart and both have excellent style. The Nylon spreads show Jamie in various weathered, vintage boots and shiny black shoes on the long, pointy side (no laces please). Want to walk around with a rock star? Start with any of the shoes below, put skinny black jeans in his hands and tie a muted, thin scarf around your boy’s neck:

via spiga studio Kenneth Cole Reaction Army Bregade
Carlo Botrini Radda Kenneth cole

Left to right: Via Spiga Studio black loafers, Kenneth Cole Reaction distressed olive Army Bregade boots, Carlo Botrini black leather Radda slip-ons, Kenneth Cole Reaction distressed olive Box Office slip-ons.

Writing about weddings in yesterday’s blog also got me to thinking about the boys. Of course the polished black shoes above would look equally good with a tuxedo, but I do love creative dressers. It’s so easy to just toss on a black tux and after all the trouble girls go through to get dressed every morning, let alone for their wedding day… well, it’s nice to see an even playing field with the guys trying something else. Here are some ideas: For a summer wedding, try a light tan colored linen suit with shoes in a similar hue (I’m thinking white shirt, no tie, with a big, bright, single-colored boutonniere maybe in red or yellow). Or you could also pair the same color suit in a heavier fabric with dark brown shoes (a light blue shirt and a tie with colored stripes). For spring/fall weddings, I love seeing gray suits with bright white shoes (If only I could convince my fiance – the most he’ll go for right now are black shoes with white spats, but I’m still working on him). If you’re cooler than he is, check out these snazzy styles:

Espedito Mustang johnston & murphy houseden
Marco Evani

Left to right: Espedito tan Mustang dress shoes, Johnston & Murphy brown Houseden lace-up shoes, Marco Evani white Vitello loafers.

Come on boys – If you’re reading, let me know!

The New York Times (2/21) had an interesting article on new fashion trends in wedding dresses saying brides are moving away from prom-like princess styles: “…Kleinfeld, the venerable Manhattan bridal salon… has seen a spike in demand for plunging necklines and negligee looks, one that has only intensified since the spring bridal collections began arriving in stores.” The article also mentioned that “At the spring bridal shows in New York last October, tastemakers like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Reem Acra, Angel Sanchez and Carolina Herrera unveiled a preponderance of strapless styles, trumpet shapes and even a few above-the-knee looks. More daring designers offered filmy peignoir dresses, two-piece looks and skirts slit all the way up to the hip.”

So what kind of shoes should you look for if you’re going for that movie star at the Oscars look instead of being just another traditional bride? Well, there are two modes of thinking on that one, depending on just how fabulously different you want to be.

First off, if your dress has a lot going on (say it’s covered in boudoir-evoking lace or white feathers) and it has a slit in the front or is short enough that your shoes will be completely visible, you’ll probably want simple, elegant shoes to balance the look.  For short girls, I think a v-front or short dress is much better than the traditional long wedding dress (although you can easily hide platforms under a long dress!). If you’re leaning in that direction, remember to skip the ankle straps; that line across your foot will make your legs look shorter. The ivory Nine West slingback heels below are refined and simple enough to let your dress do the shining but far from your super basic strappy heels. And I love love love the transparent straps on the shoes below by Valerie Stevens (they also have a clear heel!) and Carlos Santana (4.5 inches tall). They’re super minimalist but at the same time really unexpected and amazing.

nine west tarissa valerie stevens wedding carlos santana

Left to Right: Nine West Tarissa fabric sandals, Valerie Stevens Clear high heels, Carlos by Carlos Santana Pacific platform sandals.

On the other end of the spectrum there are girls who almost shudder at the thought of pure white virginal dresses. Designers have been thinking about you girls too and have started creating more and more dual and tri-color gowns. The New York Times article I mentioned above showed a picture of a beautiful fishtail white dress with a black lace covered v-neck bodice and a black ribbon trailing from the point of the v to midway down the dress. I’ve also seen stores stocking white dresses with brightly colored ribbons tied around the waist (Isaac Mizrahi did one for Target) and others with trains of gold or taupe for contrast. Or maybe you’ll just wear a bright red dress (more power to you!).

If you want your wedding to be one of a kind and your outfit to follow suit, what should your footwear look like? Of course you could get colored shoes to match the accent color on your dress, blue heels to compliment the blue sash around your empire waist for instance. But you can also try shoes in gold or silver if you prefer a less matchy feel. I imagine the Cole Haan platforms below with a drapey Grecian [a la Rami Kashou from this season’s Project Runway] or one shoulder gown (oh and what if you had ivy leaves in your hair?! It would bring out the forest green in the stones so perfectly!).

calvin klein nora Bebe Dree Cole haan

Left to right: Calvin Klein red Nora satin evening shoes, Bebe blue Dree satin heels with sequins, Cole Haan G-Series Greenbrae.Thong platform sandals.

Lastly, the most safe and the most free-spirited brides both fall into the third camp. Surprised? Well, if you want a traditional long dress that’ll cover your shoes completely so no one will see them during the ceremony anyway, you might want to pick shoes that are all for you. Plus, since most people change for their receptions (eating anything in a white dress is asking for disaster), this way you can change your clothes and keep the heels! And of course, our free-spirited brides will wear these stunners whether you think they go with their wedding dress or not! You’ll definitely feel like you’re walking on sparkly clouds in these gold sequin platforms by Casadei. And can you imagine the gasps of delight when just your fuschia and feather covered toes peek out from under the hem of your white dress as you walk down the aisle? I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am in love with the stained-glass inspired Louboutin’s below (“but mom-to-be, I got them because they look like the walls in the church” or “since we’re not having the wedding in a temple…” – you know how you get what you want. ).

casadei Neiman Manolo Christian Louboutin Libelle

Left to right: Casadei 2016C gold satin wedges, Manolo Blahnik fuxia Satin d’Orsay heels, Christian Louboutin Libelle gold multi Ankle Strap Sandals.

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