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I’ve noticed these shoes popping up here and there and I believe they’ll become a full fledged trend pretty soon. Recessed platforms or island platforms look like a chunk of platform was glued onto the bottom of an otherwise complete shoe at the last minute. That’s not the case, of course, as anyone with a broken heel who thought, “hey, maybe these can be flats”, will attest; the pitch of the heel must incorporate the extra height of the platform front. But that trick of the eye, especially when paired with a platform that is made in a totally contrasting color or material from the rest of the shoe, makes this style really stand out (and makes it my new favorite). Note: a true recessed platform will not reach all the way to the toe of the shoe and will stop abruptly in the back without any continuation beyond the area at the ball of the foot.

As I mentioned above, recessed platforms elevate (ha) platform styles into the double-take realm (just wear and watch!). And what’s even better is that this style can be found in stores now by new “it” designers like Charlotte Olympia for $895 all the way down to department store brands for $39.99!

Whether they have a sliver or a serious chunk of platform, these shoes clearly look best with ridiculously high heels. But if your feet scream in anything over 3 inches, don’t count these out – with the platform height added in, often the height the shoes feel like stays in that manageable 3 inch range (although you’ll look like you’re wearing closer to 4).

A few of my favorites in every price range are below, and as always, happy shopping!

L.A.M.B Charon

Elizabeth and James Mason

Isabel Toledo for Payless

Pour La Victoire Atman

Charlotte Olympia Dolly

Camilla Skovgaard

Olsen Haus Freedom

Worthington Atessa

Opening Ceremony Chantal

Jessica Simpson Colie


nyshoespyI’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking in this blog. You’re seriously not going to believe it, but every single pair of the shoes below are made entirely out of some sort of rubber or plastic!!! (with the exception of the occasional tassel, buckle or laces).

I haven’t seen this trend covered much in the mainstream media yet, but when old, well-established houses like Tods, Givenchy and Gucci dabble in molded PVC for their Spring collections and so do designers prone to the avant-garde like Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood AND contemporary brands like Tory Burch, Melissa and See by Chloe… well, I would call that a full blown trend.

The best part is that most of these styles are totally affordable; even with all the designer names I’ve stacked up for you, not one shoe is over $200!

See for yourself 😉

Melissa Joy + Ah Jelly Oxfords Melissa Three-Strap Ballerina Gladiator
Givenchy flat tie-up plastic shoe Tods jelly thong sandals
Gucci Etretat Rubber Flats Melissa Strappy Fetish Sandals
Cesare Paciotti Jelly Plateau See by Chloe ankle-strap sandals
Tory Burch Jelly Reva parrot pink

With the holidays coming up, I’ve been thinking about how hard it is to buy shoes as gifts for other people especially with all the different fits between brands and styles as well as just personal preference. For example, I might rock a 4 inch heel and just think of them as requiring a mental note to bring slippers along for my commute home, but my mother-in-law would probably take a gorgeous pair of shoes like that to be a gag-gift. But it really is a shame that a true shoe-lover should be deprived of the one thing during the holidays that makes their heart pitter pat – it’s the equivalent of giving a fanatical soccer fan a cheese sandwich in their stocking.

So I set out (virtually, it’s cold outside), determined to find a solution. Of course, there are always gift certificates, and I think that’s what most shoe retailers are pushing for the holidays. But I hate giving gift certificates: 1. They require almost no thought. You can grab almost any card from the rotating rack at the drug store; you don’t even have to go to that specific store!  2. You already know what it’s going to be before you open the wrapping (how many things are small and flat like a gift card?) and virtual gift cards have no wrapping!  and 3. it’s like forgetting to take the price tag off your gift; they know exactly how much your love/friendship is worth.

But, I know some people that are just bad at giving gifts and other people really prefer to just buy things for themselves (a.k.a bad hint givers **wink**), so don’t ignore a blatant gift card request. But if you really have no other ideas, I suggest you at least include a note or card with the gift card to explain exactly why you picked that specific card for that specific person. Extra points if you don’t say “I got this for you ’cause I knew you’d like it.”

Then there’s the one-size-fits-all route. It’s hard to go wrong with socks or slippers. Even if the slippers have sizes on them, it’s usually just a choice between small, medium or large, so even if you get a size a little too big or small, they’re only for indoors and most are backless – at worst their foot will hang a little over the back or they could just toe holes in the front (mostly joking). But these are hardly a good enough gift for anyone except a second cousin or maybe a co-worker that you picked for “secret santa” and don’t even know that well.

So noting all that, I have been charmed by Mark Schwartz into featuring his site and, unbelievably, his work also turns out to be the best shoe-related gift you could ever give anyone! Mark, who also worked as a shoe designer for brands like Christian Lacroix, Hermes and Calvin Klein, paints imaginative images of shoes and is inspired by Andy Warhol (who he actually watched at work!). Mark’s paintings are also one of a kind originals that you can actually afford (some are half the price of a pair of Manolo’s!). How’s that for a wowing someone this holiday season?

Plus every painting is seriously so amazing, you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong one; it’s impossible. I had to post some examples for you below. He is even doing a limited number of commission pieces but you might want to put that on your list for next year; genius takes time, you know. 

Mark Schwartz In Hand

Mark Schwartz In Hand

Mark Schwartz Bend

Mark Schwartz Bend

Mark Schwartz Cherub with red pump

Mark Schwartz Cherub with red pump

Marc Schwartz, unknown title

Marc Schwartz, Platform Mix Pattern

Check out the High Heeled Art blog too for more pictures and info! And Happy Shopping!

I just saw some interesting shoe info, so I thought I’d share a late Sunday post. Enjoy!

1. Copied from the ABC News article, “How High Heels Might Boost Your Sex Life” (!!!) –  “In a study to be published in the journal European Urology, Cerruto presented the results of her tests on 66 women under the age of 50.

She found that if they stood with their feet at a 15-degree angle to the ground (the equivalent of a 3-inch heel) the electrical activity in their pelvic muscles was less — indicating the muscles were more relaxed with higher heels, thus improving their strength and ability to contract.

“We now hope to prove that wearing heels during daily activity may reduce the need for pelvic exercises,” says Dr. Cerruto.”

Read the entire article here and let me know what you think.

2. Next, I was so excited to get notification that the new TOMs wrap boots are now available in select stores, but all the stores I checked from their announcement list said they weren’t getting any (Whole Foods, Nordstroms etc).

But I was very happy to find some random e-tailers that are selling them online (below) !! The boots can be wrapped to any height you want, in any way you want (over pants or socks or on bare legs, etc) and were inspired by traditional Argentine polo games and the brightly colored leg wraps on the game ponies.They’re like ankle boots with a giant ace bandage attached – so simple but so brilliant! And they come in red, green, brown, black and probably more colors even I don’t know of!

And, as always, you can feel good about buying TOMs shoes since he donates a pair to a child in need for every pair purchased.


UPDATE 9/28 – check out this hilarious blog on equally loving and hating heel-less shoes (and/or Victoria Beckham).

Did you know we likely owe all our high heeled glory/troubles to a 14 year old girl? Apparently Catherine de Medici hadn’t had her growth spurt yet when she married Duc d’Orleans in 1533, so she had a pair of 5 inch heels made for her. When she debuted them in Paris, they became the latest rage and have graced feet ever since (thanks Wallpaper Magazine!).

As I’m sure you’ve seen on this blog and in the stores, you may not be able to walk further than a runway length and back in them, but high (and I mean high) heels are not going away anytime soon (even with re-inventions of ballet flats remaining fairly popular). Wallpaper notes Antonio Berardi’s heel-less platforms (pictured – thanks ShoeWaWa!)
Heel-less Shoesas well as Sergio Rossi “who sent his models down the catwalk in strappy sandals complete with super-sexy heels made from stacked gold balls; Guiseppe Zanotti cut into the wedge to create a sensational hollowed-out platform heel; at Christian Dior, John Galliano’s models were hoisted up on a whopping 5.5in silver heel; and Chanel’s glamorous, staggered heels looked as if they were inspired by the Empire State Building, in both shape and height.”

I love a good heel too, however, I do almost equally love walking around in them enough to show them off, and, you know, regular walking in itself is pretty good too. So in the spirit of high to the sky heels that are also pretty wearable, I give you the following shoes complete with heel heights! The Michael Michael Kors gold sandals will raise you up 4.75 inches (love the cork sole and heel!) while the platform front takes some of the edge off.  These white patent Nine West wedges make my calf muscles relax just looking at them and you definitely cannot scoff at 4.25″.  And for the big 5 inch finale we have gold sequin covered platforms by Casadei (I’m dying to wear these with jeans and a plain t-shirt – total rock-star).

Fashion is your slave now!

Michael by Michael Kors GiannaNine West JanishaCasadei 2016C

Happy April Fool’s Day by the way! However, please note that the heel-less shoes above are not a joke, they’re completely real and for sale for about $3,600 a pair. You know, in case you get a really big tax refund.

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