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Let’s start off with Lucky Magazine’s Spring Shoe Guide (March 2011) as an intro. They list these shoes to add to your warmer weather wardrobe: wood platforms, jeweled slingbacks, bold loafers (as in bold colors), platform pumps, flat espadrilles, sliver-wedge sandals, pointy-toe slingbacks and cork wedges, followed by 2 strap sandals (on strap around the ankle and one over the toes) as their shoe-of-the-month in the April 2011 issue.

My thoughts: The wood platforms, cork wedges and flat espadrilles are pretty standard, every-spring-they’re-for-sale shoes (although I realize there’s a 70s vibe going around which is making shoe stores a little extra wood heavy). And I’m going to skeptically say I’ll stay on the lookout for someone wearing jeweled slingbacks as daywear in NYC. I also doubt you’ll see many people in bright loafers this spring/summer, especially with wide-leg trousers and maxi skirts trending now (can’t really wear loafers with those). But, I think the pointy-toe slingbacks, sliver-wedge sandals and 2 strap sandals are all spot-on. The sliver-wedge sandals are a nice progression of winter’s version popularized by Loeffler Randall’s sliver-boots. And I think pointy-toes will become more and more plentiful as the year progresses.

But I’ve also spotted a few other (more?) interesting spring shoe trends popping up and they actually all involve espadrilles!

First, I’ve noticed espadrilles with frayed straps. These are definitely more for your casual days but hey, if you already have a pair of strappy canvas wedges, don’t be afraid to dip into D.I.Y and rough them up a bit ;). And if you prefer the new versions, below Steve Madden, Coconuts and others have done the distressing for you.

Second, I’m seeing a lot of espadrille heels that continue up the ankle to form the heel cup; I’m calling them endless espadrilles. These shoes are AMAZING because when they’re on, at first glance you look like you might be wearing impossibly tall heels.¬† They’re also especially nice because the style could hide a much lower heel like the 2.5 inch (I know!) version by Sam Edelman. And as a side note – yep, that brand in row 5 is Hunter of rainboot fame, apparently making some leather heels now.

Honorable mention goes to espadrilles that do not have covered ankles but instead feature an extra tall side portion or “cut-out” ankle strap that creates a similar illusion. Surprisingly, I found a nice example of these shoes at Old Navy which are a great option if you’re on a budget.

I still have one more trend for you further below, but for now, some picture proof!


Coconuts Avery

Bettye Muller Saffron

Steve Madden Fraid


Matisse Asher


Sam Edelman Leroy

Enzo Angiolini Ramie

Enzo Angiolini Romario

Hunter Anegada


Old Navy Espadrille Wedges

Corso Como Decoy

Boutique 9 Illy

Not Too Coy Lydia

And last I’ve collected some irregular espadrille combos. Brands like Tory Burch and 3.1 Phillip Lim are marrying espadrille soles with a chukka or desert boot upper. This is probably best with a canvas boot and an excellent option when we’ve got those New York days where it’s warm for just a few hours in the afternoon sunshine and then you’ve got to put your jacket back on (like today!).

A few other brands, like Jeffrey Campbell and Prada, decided to add in an espadrille layer to a shoe that normally wouldn’t have it. This might technically shorten the seasonally appropriate lifespan of the shoes, but fashion rules are made to be broken. However, I’m not sure we should even call them espadrilles, and at the same time, I don’t think we can leave that out – it’s pretty distinctive. How about Espamaybelles? (I’ll break that down: espa-maybe-lles…? ok, well, I love it, haha).

Anyway, that’s it for now. Happy shopping all! And if you spot any other crazy espadrille hybrids, let me know.

Tory Burch Desert Bootie Espadrille

3.1 Phillip Lim lace up espadrille

Prada Lace-Up Cutout Wedge

Jeffrey Campbell Mary ESP

Mark & James Magnolia

Chinese Laundry Dragonfly


Quick Trend Note – So I’ve noticed that rain boots are being updated in awesome ways lately. Do the rain boots currently in your closet have nothing but a quirky pattern? Ditch them! A solid and not too brightly colored boot is the easiest way to update your look this season. And with these new low-key colors, you won’t feel ridiculous wearing your rain boots all day when the weather forecasters turn out to be wrong (again). But to be really on trend, make sure that your rubber boots are spruced up with zippers, wedges, strap details, laces, trompe l’oeil designs or a sole that’s anything but flat! Rain boots can now come out and play even on the sunniest fall and winter days!

See By Chloe Classic

Hunter Boots Regent Savoy

The pocket design and faux quilting above are both fabulous examples of trompe l’oeil designs. Jimmy Choo came out with a great faux crocodile rubber boot that works too. The See by Chloe pair also has another of this season’s great rain boot accessories: laces! Whether they’re half laces up the front, full laces or back laces, everyone is using real strings to adorn their rubber wear right now (see below for more).

Loeffler Randall LR

Hunter Verbier

Kate Spade Randi

Melissa Ashanti

Long gone are the days when rain boots are simply flat and chunky. Today’s rain boots are trim, sleek and have heels in all shapes and heights. You can find rain boots with mini wedges or full 3 inch wedges, tall and low chunky heels, smooth riding boot heels and stilettos. Honestly I can find a reason to “need” one of every type.

Steve Madden Tsunamii

Cougar Regal

Tory Burch buckled rubber

Chooka London Town

I’ve also been seeing tons of motorcycle inspired rain boots with tons of straps and buckles topping rubber styles (KORS Michael Kors has another version). This style looks great with something a girly on top (a floaty, open cardigan sweater? a winter coat with a bit of ruffle?) to balance the toughness.

And below is one random standout – an OTK (over the knee) rainboot by Calvin Klein. If you’ve got long model legs, go for it! But if you’re a shortly like me, sadly it’s best to just pass on these. You’ll have a hard time walking up steps gracefully (and probably doing other common things like sitting) since rubber doesn’t bend as nicely as leather or fabric.

Now go shopping! ūüėČ

Calvin Klein Ava

On a related topic, as I posted on my Facebook and Twitter, I’m wondering about wellie socks. Do they work in all types and brands of rainboots? Look out for a new blog with what I find coming up soon!

I think the title is enough for this blog ;), so let’s jump right in to the examples and the pictures! My first pick, and I had to give you two angles so you could really see what’s going on this the toes on these shoes, are the eco-friendly and ethical Dopie sandals by Terra Plana. The Dopie was designed with the idea of finding the most minimal footwear possible (the philosophy being that barefoot is best for the body but not always practical). You can actually even wear the shoes without¬†the strap!!¬†There are also TONS of colors, so don’t worry if green isn’t your thing.

In the second row¬†is a pair of sporty flip-flops, the Waimea H2 by Keen. You might need to take a second look at these shoes, they have a sole that turns up and attaches to an extended strap of the upper! I’ve spotted similar soles on running shoes and other shoes but never on flip-flops. I’m sure this sole makes these shoes great for dusty trails and hiking on pebbly paths, heck, even dirty New York sidewalks – and of course, protection against the dreaded stubbed toe! They also have a cute, eco-friendly version with a colorful upper of woven rice paper!

Next, I found a pair of Swamisz, which also come in tons of color combinations. These shoes are finally now available in the US (previously just in Australia), and like so many AU¬†brands that have come before them, Swamisz are sure to be a big hit! They claim that you do not even need to actively grip with your toes to keep these shoes on (often the main reason people don’t like thong sandals); the toe portion is made in such a way to naturally stay on your feet.¬† My pair¬†is on its way, so I’ll give you way more info as soon as I try them out!

Terra Plana Dopie Green 2 Terra Plana Dopie Green
Keen Waimea H2 Swanusz blue black

I have problems with so many flip-flops because some designers just don’t think about comfort when they’re choosing the material that goes between your toes! I can’t even count how many times a leather seam was positioned wrong and caused me crazy pain. That’s part of the reason why I love the gold Steve Madden flip-flops below; just two pieces of soft, stretch material crossed over the big toe.

But I can tell you that I’ve never had a problem with Havaianas, which have been around forever. This new version with a strap around the ankle is just different enough to really wow people. And the adjustable buckle is rare (and genius!) on a rubber shoe.¬†There’s a great¬†review here about¬†the Havaianas below from Tasha Nita Adams’ (L.A. style expert) experience. And last, I’ve found a wacky pair of daytime thong sandals¬†with a fuzzy insole (oh Uggs, you’ll put shearling on anything). I’m not too sure about taking these to the beach or the pool, but for daily flip-flops, they should be pretty cozy. Next to the Uggs are a pair of foot-hugging monkey thongs that are just plain fun (and float as a bonus)! Sugar brand shoes are always creative.

Steve Madden Showoff Havaianas Fit 2
Ugg Fluffie flip flop Sugar Go Ape thongs

Last of all, even though they’re not flip-flops, I wanted to include the two shoes below because they are crazy – so we’re still half topical. ūüėČ The very noticeable Vibram FiveFingers shoes below¬†are the only outdoor shoes I know of that don’t clump your toes together in one space with the rest of your foot. The sole of the shoe actually covers the bottom of where each toe sits individually. Vibram claims that separating your toes creates improves balance, overall foot health & posture. These toe-tastic shoes even come in 3 other varieties that work for you in different ways based on the activities you plan on doing in them – such as running, yoga, boating, martial arts, surfing, climbing, travel, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t do any of those activities though (it’s not stopping me anyway), do you only wear sneakers for sporty activities, even if that’s what they’re technically designed for? P.S. FiveFingers are vegan friendly too!

In the same train of thought, I found these split toe Air Rift shoes by totally mainstream brand Nike (shaped like traditional Japanese tabi socks). It’s a little hard to see below (since almost everyone is sold out – I suggest eBay if you want a pair), but if you click on the shoes below, you can get a nice multi-view from¬†Zappos¬†including the bottom of the sole. Nike says the design was “inspired by barefoot runners of Kenya.”

I guess the message is, whether in flip flops or whatever, Neglect your toes no longer!

Vibram FiveFingers Classic Nike Air Rift

avatarHere’s another trend that’s a bit under the radar right now. Whatever you want to call them: sandal booties, sock sandals (my preference), thong boots, etc., these shoes are so fun! Apparently,¬†the style was¬†spotted briefly in Buenos¬†Aires last summer and the comments back then were¬†fairly split, but I have a feeling they’ll be¬†totally embraced this season.

You may notice as you scroll down, that designers were influenced by both past and recent trends. These sock shoes take the previously prolific full boots with peep toes and make the style way more wearable. The new sandals are also a spin on the gladiator trend that is still going strong for the spring/summer season and they are a slight variation on ankle cuff sandals.

I actually have really sensitive skin so I often make due with moleskin and band-aids¬†(ah, suffering for fashion), but these new sock sandals look like heaven! I mean, I’ve certainly never had a sock attack my foot (although there has been some crazy static electricity a few times – that’s the real reason you shouldn’t wear socks with¬†Uggs, btw). Ok, so check out the cream of the crop below and let me know what you think of them this year.

bahia jersey sandal bronze gathered ankle sandals
Cocobelle Bahia Sock Sandals Topsies olive green flip-flop sandals
Dolce Vita Aries Steve Madden Benza


But, if the sock sandal seem like too big a leap from your usual shoe style, you might want to try bib sandals first. Like that essential accessory for dribbly droolers and those who’d rather wear their meals on their faces, these sandals drape across the front of the ankle with some tapering foot coverage. Bib sandals¬†are a baby step into the sock sandal trend and there are tons of variations. ¬†A few great examples by Liz Claiborne (not just for moms all the time!), Calvin Klein, Nine West and Corso Como are below for you.

Liz Claiborne Micah Calvin Klein Macie
Nine West Badngood Corso Como Santorini sandal

avatarUPDATE 10/28 : Check out the exclusive coupon code I got for you (below) to save 10% on your first order!

My first online destination in the Shoe Store Spotlight is Gotham City Online (thanks to PollDaddy in my previous blog). Not only does¬†Gotham City Online (GCO)¬†have fantastic prices on designer styles (they actually claim the lowest guaranteed) and free shipping, they also raise money for charity (nice!). I dig this store too because you never know what you’re going to find.¬†GCO says they list new items every day and I’ve seen shoes from luxury brands like Chanel, Viktor & Rolf, and Marc Jacobs almost equally as often as shoes from fashion brands like Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole (Reaction, Tribeca, Unlisted), Nine West and Via Spiga.

Here’s another¬†cool thing about this online store (and a true story): One day¬†a random girl (ahem) tried on a pair of shoes at a store but decided to be “good” and not get them. After she left the store, she (of course) immediately regretted it and every outfit she wanted to wear to work that week would have been perfect if only she had just gotten those amazing shoes. Finally (after deciding, for justification purposes, to swap Starbucks for cereal at home for a while), she decided to go back to the store that weekend (realizing death to be the most likely outcome if she didn’t get them into her closet soon) but they were SOLD OUT!!¬†And¬†they were sold out in every other store she frantically checked. Now, she might have been be able to stave off her panic attack if she had know about this website a little earlier because… (happy ending alert) she found the shoes about a month later at!

Gotham City Online¬†gets those last pairs of shoes from stores¬†in NYC when they are making room for new merchandise, so hard-to-find styles are always popping up there even after brick & mortar stores (yes, real term. yuck.) have stopped carrying them (and when summer sandals are being sold in stores in Decemeber,¬†that’s kind of great).¬†Plus GCO still gives you¬†the sale price!!

This website doesn’t give out coupons super often, but I am trying to finagle a coupon code out of them for you & all my readers so I’ll post it here¬†(SUCCESS! New Customers Can Use Coupon Code: SPYTEN for an¬†Extra 10% Off Any Order!!) as soon as I’m successful.

There’s your online shoe store lesson for the week, class will be in session again soon!

The stores are talking about it, the magazines are putting it at the top of their trend lists and blogs everywhere are talking about how to wear it – rich purple hues, especially those reminiscent of berries. But what’s the most fool-proof way to incorporate any color trend into your wardrobe? Via shoes, of course!

Your feet are far enough from any visible skin (especially when the weather starts getting chilly – and with colored, opaque tights still being so big) it doesn’t matter what your skin tone. If you are in love with a color that doesn’t quite love you back, put it on your feet! Although I think purple is one color that looks good on everybody anyway.

Lucky Magazine’s Fall Shoe Guide in their September issue lists a bunch of great shoe styles (stay tuned for their complete list and other magazine’s choices in my next blog post) so I definitely wanted to mix some of those in when giving you examples of perfect purple shoes. First on Lucky’s list were Colored Suede Pumps,¬†so I think this first pair by Nine West are fantastic. They’re also a High Heeled Mary Jane which was also on the list; Bonus! Second, I selected some Imagine by Vince Camuto heels¬†because of the great color and crocodile texture. I want to wear these right now with black (footed) tights, a short gray skirt and a boyfriend style sweater – but that will have to wait at least¬†a few weeks (still too warm in nyc).

In the second row, I’ve included two more hot styles for Fall according to the shopping guides at Lucky Mag (don’t worry, they picked 9): Patent Flats, mine are by Steve Madden, and Pointy Ankle Boots, below right by Nina (love that silver heel too). Happy Shopping!

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avatarAs American Airlines announces that they are going to start charging for all checked luggage and plane ticket prices spike across the board to cover rising fuel prices, you might be¬†feeling that¬†your future summer plans are about to fly out the window without you. Don’t worry, summer does not have to be spent next to the waving ribbons on your grandma’s window-mounted air conditioner.

Many travel sites are touting excellent options that miraculously avoid airfare to Europe (and with the dollar weak on top of all this, it may be a blessing in disguise). A variety of cruise ships dock along both the east or west coasts which means a shorter and less expensive flight than going anywhere across the ocean directly. Also many cruises are all-inclusive, which is a great way to stretch your dollar as well as more transit fun than being crowded into a germ-filled airplane with no leg room. 

Unlike boats requiring¬†traditional deck shoes, cruise ships mean your feet don’t even have to get close to water if you don’t want them to. So bring on the summer styles! Most ships (and the ports you dock at) will also have ample opportunities to dress up too, so don’t forget about the heels¬†(my favorite for beachy lo-cals are always espadrilles).

The trend-setters in NYC, now vacationing all over the world, are wearing strappy gladiator styles (like my first pick below which is of the cool, studded variety) and flip flops with medallion embellishments like these pretty gold ones by DKNY (no one I’ve read has printed on this trend much, surprisingly, but you’ll see it everywhere). One trend that people have been talking about (forever) are metallic colors and there is no better way to wear it than with summer-bronzed skin (or super-pale-covered-in-sunscreen skin works too!). These Fornarina heels have a great metallic gold color and I really dig the braided straps and wooden sole.

Via Spiga Wint DKNY Fornarina Sand

Though hot right now, sometimes gladiator styles can be a little too high-drama for many women. But there are always ways of incorporating any trend into anyone’s wardrobe (give me a challenge!): this simplistic version in black in my second row are killer on-trend now and yet won’t look like last season’s garbage for many summers to come.¬† On the other end of the spectrum is a trend that you might¬†consider timeless or just something to try for a season (or never): the Birkenstock style. If you love it, you might die for the neon green Michael Kors below. But, like it or not, I’d expect to see at least one or two of these cushy, foot-molding soles in your local trendy¬†stores next summer, so get ready.¬†Philip Lim may¬†even be¬†credited with starting¬†the trend.

And if you don’t plan on vacationing this summer? Throw away your dirty old flip flops from last year and treat yourself to a new pair with a little dressy spunk to them. My last selection by Dr. Scholl’s have your basic flip flop comfort and are begging for a luau (ok, backyard bbq!). Hey, your shoes might just inspire you to build your own Hawaiian island retreat at home (don’t forget a blender and some coconut shells for the pina coladas).

Steve Madden Signature Bele KORS Michael Kors Grand Pri Dr. Scholl's Lyric

Happy Summer planning! Summer officially begins June 21st.
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avatarLow wedges may rule the sidewalks as summer approaches and today, the city’s first 70 degree day in what seems like forever, has gotten me in the mood to tell you all about it.¬†

Lucky Magazine (May) highlights how the low height is both easy on your feet and flattering for your legs. So true! I also noticed that all their picks had either sling-backs or ankle straps so do keep that in mind as you shoe shop for the summer (…I haven’t seen many people praising straight flip flops for now, sorry.)¬†But unlike all of Lucky’s full-price choices, my discounted picks below are sure to fit your budget!

¬†The Nine West ivory and gold wedges (below left) have an ankle strap and a sling-back to incorporate the best of both, and they’re just so sophisticated looking. I am completely in love, especially because you could easily wear¬†them with a black corporate pencil skirt or¬†the polar¬†opposite:¬†full, flowery dress or faded denim capris. Yellow is an “it” color right now and this sunny shade cheers me up just looking at it.¬†Grab¬†these Steve Madden sandals on¬†one of those¬†Mondays you’re¬†dreading¬†to put a bright bounce in your morning.

Arturo by Arturo Chiang created my third choice, these not-too-casual-for-weekdays blue and white fabric wedges, and infused them with the nicest hint of the¬†beach. I’d wear them with a slightly more grown-up outfit though (tailored white capris?); shorts and a t-shirt could push them over the casual ledge and doesn’t make the best use of these cute shoes. Last, I really can’t help saying these look like glass slippers (!), but talk about your go with anything shoe. The¬†low heel¬†on these Rampage peep-toes means you can take them from day to night without limping and the lack of color means it doesn’t matter what you wear with it, it’ll match! I would suggest pairing them with something a little covered up on top though¬†(like a loose tunic top or a slightly below knee-length skirt) or you may look a bit over-exposed.

Happy Spring, or as I like to call it, happy Almost-Summer!

Nine West Jenaya Steve Madden Polish
Arturo Chiang Kara Rampage Izzy

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avatarLucky Magazine‘s shoe of the month for April 08¬†are ankle-strap flats. They suggest pairing them with short dresses, shorts¬†and skirts. And I’ll add that the logic here is that an ankle strap cuts the visual line of your leg, making it appear shorter. So you’ll want to show as much leg as possible to make up for it!

The great thing about these shoes is that they automatically elevate the style of your outfit. For example, imagine a white t-shirt with a taupe colored short linen skirt. Think about a girl wearing that outfit with flip flops. Now, think about her wearing that same outfit with the Steve Madden light gold flats below. See what I mean?

Steve Madden Kenneth Cole Steve Madden gold Exposed peep-toe flats, Kenneth Cole black Tap N Skip leather ballet flats.

Also, these Sophia Kokosalaki heels below are almost identical to the $600 United Bamboo heels Lucky featured on page 106. Um, yes I will take them at about a 6th of the price, thank you.

Sophia Kokosalaki for Nine West

Erin go bragh!

When planning a wedding, brides usually decide to hold a bouquet or corsage when walking down the aisle so, of course, they must then decide which flowers will be in it (the groom’s boutonni√®re applies here too if you’re a hubby-to-be!). Some people choose flowers because they have a specific personal meaning or were always a favorite, but I think the most common deciding factor is whether it’s the right color to go with the invites, decor, bridesmaid’s dresses, etc. You can also consider whether the flower is in season (if you’re trying to save a little money), how fragrant it is or the aura it projects: roses are generally viewed as classic and warm, calla lilies as refined, carnations as cheery and carefree, and so on.

Considering how so much work goes into choosing just a few flowers that you’ll hold for maybe an hour or so tops (and most people throw them to someone else later on), I think you should get a little more out of all that decision making. How about knocking off your shoe deliberations at the same time? Once you know what’ll be in your fabulous bouquet, try turning your flowers into shoes. No silly, this doesn’t require Cinderella’s fairy godmother or glue… check out what I mean below!

calla lilies calvin klein

Calla Lilies – All the flower retailers I found (who I assume would know best) say that these flowers are associated with beauty. Because of their long, thick stems and slightly opened single petal, the best shoes to match these clean, streamlined flowers are simple, monochromatic heels with maybe just one classy detail (you’d probably want to stay away from sparkly accents unless they’re super minimal). It’s hard to see in the picture (click it for a bigger image) but these Calvin Klein satin pumps have a beautiful mother of pearl mosaic heel.

sunflowers Steve Madden

Sunflowers– Named because they resemble the rays of the sun (no, I’m not just saying that because of the word SUN. The botanical name is Helianthus: helio is Greek for sun and anthos meaning flower). So if you choose a bouquet of these bright yellow mood-lifters, it’s probably because you want your wedding to be more upbeat than solemn, more informal than black-tie (and not just because you want to have a ready snack on hand in case the aisle is really long). So I’d match sunflowers with tall espadrilles like these by Steve Madden. The pale gold satin and long ribbons to wrap around your ankle lend an easy elegance while the woven wedge heel is both Summer-y and comfortable. I think these espadrilles may feel a little more wedding-appropriate too because the color of the heel and the fabric are so similar so watch out for harsh contrasts if you go for this style (for example, the look would be completely different with these shoes if the platform heel was dyed black).

style and co twinkle

Orchids- Generally associated with love and fertility, orchids come in a variety of sizes, shapes (some with pointed petals, some more rounded) and soft colors. They were also flowers cultivated and collected only by the wealthy in the Victorian era. Orchids, therefore,¬†add a sophisticated, upscale flare to weddings, especially when they’re in a rich color like this purple variety. That’s why it’s great to pair them with gold hued shoes with white diamond-y decorations; other insignias of riches and opulence, darling. P.S. If you’re having a beach wedding, these flowers are also great because they are commonly used in Hawaiian leis.

Tulips JLo Patrice

Tulips–¬†Both the flower and its name originated in the Ottoman Empire, not Holland as commonly believed. The great thing about tulips is that they come in almost every color but are more special than carnations (which also appear in many colors… and in many grocery store get-well-soon bunches). There are also a ton of meanings for different tulip colors: the red ones I chose above usually signify a declaration of love or sincerity (how much more wedding perfect can you get?), yellow for cheerful thoughts or sunshine, variegated tulips for beautiful eyes, and tulips in general¬†represent a perfect love. I think paring such a love-filled flower with pink toned heels is definitely the way to go. These metallic cage-toe heels by J Lo by Jennifer Lopez have just the right amount of shine and height to add some glamour to your wedding ensemble.

Marc Jacobs for Waterford Guess Olivia 2
Audrey Hepburn

Completely Unique– Yes, those are Waterford crystal flowers (designed by Marc Jacobs). As long as you’re okay with not tossing your bouquet at the reception(!), this could be the addition that no one will forget. Because more than one of these flowers held tightly together might cause some breakage, I’m picturing a single stem with a colored ribbon wound around the stem and trailing. Together with these Guess t-strap heels, the look is just edgy enough without going overboard. At first glance, the shoes are in a perfect-for-evening metallic pewter color, but close-up they almost look to me like they are covered in fishnet stockings. And I cannot pass up sharing the most perfect dress to go with these, the picture above is Audrey Hepburn, but imagine the dress in pure white (I’m about to change all my wedding plans right now).

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